Pruning Okra plants

lovelyamericaAugust 15, 2007

I live in Alabama,USA. I am new to gardening. I have planted more than 25 okra plants in my backyard. All came up well and I get okras every week. But, plants grwon up 15 foot tall. They look like trees. I don't know how to control their height. I need to look up to pick okras. What should I do to control their height? Do I need to prune them? How to prune them?

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I normally prune mine when they reach about 5 to 6 feet tall. I plant mine on 3 ft centers as when you prune them they start side branches up and down the stalk. I have had to prune a couple of the side branches as they were at about 6 ft last year. This seems to encourage more pods. When I pulled them in December the base of the stock was about 4 inches across. This works for me so this is an option. I think I would give it a try on a couple of plants to see what happens. It sure makes picking a whole lot simpler.

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Thank you so much.
Most of my okra plants are taller and have pods in the top. The leaves are very big which had grown to 1 ft wide and single and there is no side branches. Is it good to cut off those larger leaves which formed from the beginning of the plant. Or do I need to cut off the top of the plant to reduce the height to 4 or 5 feet.

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I cut the tops of the main stem. Side branches will develop from the stem. It sounds as if you have a lot of N in the soil for them to get that tall. I stumbled on this method because the plant that I was growing were too tall for my wife to harvest the pods, so I cut a couple and then had to pull up several to make room for the branches/suckers. It seems to encourage more pods to form. This year I am cutting several of these branches to see what that does. I guess that this is topping the Okra. Let me know what the results of this operation does for you.

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