Size of Mme Jules Bouche

vettin(z6b Northern VA)April 29, 2011

Can anyone help me with this please? Also, anything else I should know about this rose - likes shade, hates shade etc

Thank you!

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ffff(Calif. 9)

Mme. Jules Bouche comes in climbing and upright forms, although the shrub isn't beyond trying to wander a little from time to time.

The upright type doesn't get especially big, not much more than 4' or so. You could probably grow it in a pot if you wanted. The climber will get to 10' or more pretty easily.

It's a wonderful smelling rose, and individual blooms will last over a week on the plant. Thorns are sparse, and in the San Jose (Calif.) area it's pretty disease-resistant for an HT. It might have gotten a tiny bit of mildew in the early spring, and very slight blackspot, no rust or anthracnose. (I don't use chemicals, and barely use sprays at all.)

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I don't know how it would be for disease resistance in Virginia: blackspot isn't a problem for me. It gets a bit of mildew, nothing serious (I don't spray). My guess is that like most roses MJB prefers sun to shade, but it's a tough rose and I imagine will grow in less than optimum conditions. I have the bush form. Of course, the better the conditions you give it, the healthier the plant will be, and the larger and more numerous the flowers. Even when half starved, though, MJB looks respectable. I would prune it only moderately, allowing it to keep a shrub form, rather than cutting it back to a stub.

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Mine was planted as a band last spring, so have little to add, except the cold temps this winter, down into the mid teens, have not affected it at all. It is leafing out well.

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