How to cover Banana Tree for Winter in Zone 6?

jschristian44(6)August 27, 2011

I live in southern PA. Our low temps reach about 10 degrees a the absolute bottom cold of winter. Most temps are in the 30-40's around winter time though. But I got a Banana Tree this summer because I enjoy the fruit a lot and wanted my own! I am in Zone 6. I know banana trees are only in Tropical zones and I don't think anyone has them around here. I wanted to cancel the order after researching that it doesn't grow well. But I planted it in about July and it's still growing small leaves and getting bigger. It's slow growing but they say in a year or two it will bear fruit. I just thought that if I could someway protect it a little from the cold of winter, then springtime/summer/fall it could still grow well enough. The site I got it from said it was Winter Hardy which made me think I could grow it. It says no less than 30 degrees and that's right about where the line is on the coldest days here in my state of PA. Can I put like a black trash bag on top of it during the winter or will that suffocate it? I have bird netting as well. What can I do to protect it from the cold?

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You will need to cut the leaves off, dig it up, rinse the soil off, let the roots dry and bring it inside. It will be fine, stored bare-root, until you warm up in the spring, then you can plant it out again. Some folks put the root ball in a black plastic bag, but I prefer the paper leaf bags you get at Lowes, etal.

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