My serviceberry transplant is in shock - what can I do.

njbiologyAugust 5, 2007


I bought two serviceberry shrubs at around 12', each for $250.00.

I removed the metal wiring around the burlap rootballs and removed some soil from the root balls, prior to placing them in the groun following the usual procedure.

I think I took too much off of one. It was loosing leaves here and there, where as the other is fine. But now, it's lost almost all of its leaves.

If it looses all of its leaves, will it stay alive and go dormant in the winter and awake in the spring alive?

I applied root growth stimulators (solution, diluted). Can I feed the roots of Amelanchiers with cane sugar, as you can with birches and not with oaks?

DO you think that if I water it every single day, twice a day, it will survive?

What can I do. I think it really went bad by not watering it for about 4 days in the heat.



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lindac(Iowa Z 5/4)

A newly planted tree really really needs to be watered well....not necessarily every day but at least to the bottom of the root ball.
August in New Jersey and you are planting a new balled in burlap tree? Why? You could hardly have donething that would be harder on the poor tree than to un bag it and shake the dirt off the roots and plant it in the heat of August.
Stop putting stuf on fert no root stimulator...just water. And if you can figure out a way to keep the tree out of any drying wind and keep the sun off of it fora couple of months, that would be good.
If it loses it's leaves now, that doesn't bode well for survival.
I can't understand why a garden center would sell you a B and B tree in the middle of the summer. I hope you have a guarantee. I am guessing the one was on the way out when you bought it.
Linda C

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