New pool construction...confused

juiceysmomSeptember 22, 2004

I am getting ready to dive into a new pool construction project. My husband and I have decided to go with Blue Marlin Pools. We are still undecided as to do a spa, a salt chlorinator, or in floor cleaning. We want to get this started, but can't make up our minds...Does anyone have these and what are the pros or cons in your opinion...

Thanks so much....

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Clare(z6 MO)

There is a Pools and Spas forum over in another part of this website. Maybe they'd have ideas.

Here is a link that might be useful: Pools and Spas

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My husband and I are thinking about going with Blue Marlin pools to build our pool. Would you mind sharing your experience with me? I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you.

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Juiceysmom and Calicokitty,

My husband and I hired Blue Marlin back in '97 to build our pool (new construction home). The folks there have been real good to us over the years and we're very happy with our pool.

The in-floor cleaner is a fantastic option...go for that one more than any other feature.

We don't have the salt-chlorinator, so can't offer a helpful opinion about it, and didn't have a spa installed because neither one of us liked the idea of it.

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Please go to the Better Business Council or the BBC and look at the compliants for any Pool builder in the Brevard County area. I chose Intercoastal Pool and Spa they did an awsome job in short amount of time at a much better price than the other seven pool builders I quoted in the area.
Just my .02.

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I'am having my pool replastered and would like to cover 6 of the ten openings since they are the only returns for the pool. The antiquated infloor system has been gutted for years. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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