how do I get rid of fleas with no pesticides.

lakedallasmary(8 - North Central TX)September 23, 2008

I know healthy pets are not infested with fleas from experience. Our cat had fleas, we got rid of them with a pest bomb and flea collars. We switched his food to a better quality and started to let him outside. Sun is needed for good health for any creature. He lived to age ten and never had another flea. He did not wear flea collars after the initial kitten flea attack.

We then got two cats, one came with fleas. Gave her a bath and never a flea again. Really. Until now, she is about 10

years old. The dog had fleas as a pupply, gave him a few baths and no more fleas. until now. He is three.

I wonder what happened. Well two things happened. He is a corgi and has health issues. He has occasional diarrhea, and since feb has been struggling to get rid of a urinary tract infection. The infection happened after my daughter took him to the vet. The vet said he was getting fat. So my kid (22 years old) told me to skip one meal. so I skipped lunch, and just gave him breakfast and dinner. This is technically her dog. She bought him with her high school grad money, but I care for him, and now she has moved to an appt and could no take him due to the rules. After about 1 month of one less meal, he lost no weight, but started to get cranky and got a UT infection. I looked up how much a dog should eat and he was being under fed. UG!

Male corgis should weigh 28-30 pounds. He weighed 33. So I upped his intake of food to somewhere between what he was being fed and the amount that made him ill. He mostly eats a raw food diet.

He is no longer cranky, but still battling the UT infection. By june he was infested with fleas and promptly gave them to the cat. UG. Now I have them. I can't walk across the floor with out getting bit.

I gave him bath after bath and (cat too) and still fleas, then the cat lost some of her hair (flea allergy). Hubby brought the cat to the vet and was given a flea pill, some cream for the bare patch and some advantage to poison the cat and the fleas. I don't like pesticides, but we were infested. I figured just until we can get this under control and find a way to get the animals healthy to try the poison method.

Hubby got some advantage for the dog too.

We began to vacuum every other day. I know you are supposed to do it everyday, but I am a ill person with little energy. Because I am ill, I attract the fleas and have flea bite scars all over me, but my hubby does not get bit.

Anyway, sorry so long, but I am at wits end.

The dog and the cat don't seem to have fleas anymore. I check them and never see a flea, not even one, not guaranteeing that that there are not any. They hide very well.

But, I still get bit from time to time. I guess I need to up my vacuuming schedule.

I suspect the dog got the fleas from the vet. He was fine before that.

Did I mention I hate fleas!

I started just yesterday taking garlic to try to smell bad so the fleas will leave me alone.

Since my kid moved out a week ago, I used that opportunity to vacuum her near empty room. I had 5 fleas jump on me while I was doing so. I did find out till hours later that I had fleas on me, and I picked them off in my bathroom. I think I missed a few since I have been getting bit soon after I go to bed. I think I am getting them from the bathroom, walking around in bare feet. Ug I washed the bath rugs again.

If anyone has more advice please help, even if it is to console me. I itch more that the average sole due to a weak immune system. I have low cortisol, so my body does not control allergic reactions well.

I also ordered some per glandular to try to up the pets immune systems. I am also going to try to give the dog more raw bones. marrow is good for the immune system.

No much I can do for the cat's diet she is addicted to the food she was weaned onto.

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petzold6596(8b southern NM)

Thanks for the info.

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rini(Rochester, NY)

Hi -

I'm sorry to hear about all that you're going through. Try this method

I've used it before - basically you put some honey/karo syrup in a bowl, put a light near by and cover the entire thing with something so your cat/dog can't get into it. The fleas are attracted to the light, land in the honey and get stuck.

good luck!

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Pennyroyal plants could help. They are supposed to detract fleas.

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lakedallasmary(8 - North Central TX)

I figured out why my flea-less dog got fleas all of a sudden.

It is his dog food!

Nutro has changed it formula and dogs all over the country are getting ill and some dying. Ill dogs attract fleas.

Here are a few links about the sickness nutro is causing.

Nutro was bought out by mars candy
and iams (we are feeding our cat) was bought out by Purina.

We are in the process of switching the dog to evo and the cat to merrick. Evo does not have fish flavors (that the cat prefers). Both are grain free formulas.

The dog gets raw organ and beef 2 times a day, but nutro only in the morning. Hubby hates the thought of touching the raw stuff.

Can't get the cat interested in the raw food at all

Want to switch your animal to a better brand check out this link

They only rate the dog foods, but I would guess a good quality dog food brand might also make good cat foods.

the deaths of dogs from poor quality dog foods saddens me greatly.

the symptoms our dog has in common with the other ill dogs are

peeing in the house
dark urine
red itchy skin
vomits up undigested food occasionally
dry heaves

Unfortunately, other's dogs have died from liver and or kidney failure, and some only after eating the new brand for only for 4 days.

I would never post something bad about a company like this except I can see the same symptoms in my corgi. The vet assumes urinary tract infection but can't get urine from him to test. Antibiotics no helping.

If someone wants to start a thread on a forum please do so. This info needs to get out!

please post the link to the new post here. so I other's can find it easier.

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Suzi AKA DesertDance Zone 9b

Feed the dog some garlic and vitamine B1. Just mix it in the dog food. The dog will love it, and the fleas will hate it. Also, get your salt shaker out and shake it all over your carpet. It kills flea eggs. Vacuum it up, and try that for a few weeks till your fleas go away. They will!!

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Don't know if you still have flea issues, but a friend of mine puts baby powder on her dogs when they get fleas and said it does get rid of the fleas. I use a carpet powder that kills fleas and dust my dogs with flea powder and that helps to rid my house of them when my dogs get them, which is rare.

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dry ice- put it on your carpet/floor, it will evaporate and smother the fleas. i get it and the grocery store, they use it when frozen foods are delivered from there supplier.

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Free Plans for homemade flea trap at...

Here is a link that might be useful: rtbkatu2-blog

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My wife and I went through a flea issue at the apartment. We went to walmart and bought the Carpet flea powder they sell. We put this stuff on the carpet every day and vacummed every day for about a week and a half. Make sure you cover as much of the carpet as you can... also your couches. Clean all the sheets in the house also.

The fleas may not be on your animals anymore, but their still living in your carpet.

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Your pets and occasionally humans can get a type of tapeworm from accidentally eating a flea larva. This happens most often in cats because they lick themselves. If and when that happens, will you be asking, "How can I get rid of tapeworm without medicine?"

See flea tapeworm

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"Feed the dog some garlic and vitamine B1. Just mix it in the dog food. The dog will love it, and the fleas will hate it. Also, get your salt shaker out and shake it all over your carpet. It kills flea eggs. Vacuum it up, and try that for a few weeks till your fleas go away. They will!!"

See Garlic is Poisonous to Dogs!

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