How do you kill invasive weeds with underground root feeders?

meyermike_1micha(5)September 24, 2009

I have these vine type weeds that are just exploding everywhere. They have runners underground. They were all in my neighbors yard, and now have seem to make their way to mine.

They have these long string bean like things, and when you try to pull them out, even the babies, they just break apart from the feeder roots under ground. They are starting to grow into my flower beds...What can I do? please help me... Will round up work if I protect the surrounding plants?

Thanks so much for any help....

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They crawl up any plant, shrubs, fences, trees, and seem to try and strangle anything they can crawl up on. They look horrible sticking up out of the shrubs...

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If it is separate enough from other plants, you could use Roundup. Are they actually weeds or some plant from the neighbor's yard, because the Roundup could spread over to their plants. Just a thought on the Roundup. You have to be very careful with it.

Even if you do manage to kill it on your side, it will probably continue to come up from the other side so you will have to be diligent about digging it up.

Just my 2 cents. There is also a "Weeds" forum here you might check out.

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I actually care for my neighbors home too...And because I don't always have the time like my yard, God these vines are every where. They are choking their bushes, crawling up their foundation, overtaking their grass, crawling up the fence, and now spreading into my gardens. If you pull up a baby, no roots come up..I will take a pic of them.
They grow these weird looking bean pods and they tangle and choke everything they climb on.
Now they are mixing in with my honeysuckel vines..ARG

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I just wanted to thank you for directing me to the "weed" forum which never occured to me..What a stealth of information there.
Going to take a pic then post it there.;-)

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