Brown indoor palm leaf tips

naturedoc(z5 CO)September 11, 2006

Hey y'all...

I just inherited a palm of some sort from a friend of mine, and it has very brown leaf tips. I've heard that a good way to prevent brown leaf tips is to make sure the humidity is high enough; often spraying the leaves with water every once in a while can do the trick. However, will it bring the brown leaves back to normal, or is it a lost cause? If the spraying won't work, is there any other way to rescue the leaves?

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Spraying does little or nothing to raise the humidity for your plants. Your simplest option is to place your palm (saucer and all) on large trays filled with pebbles and water. Keep the water level maintained as it evaporates.

Browned leaves and/or leaf margins will never grow back. I'd advise that you clip anything from your plant that does not look healthy.

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