Duc de Cambridge

JessicaBe(5-6 Central Ohio)April 5, 2012

I was wondering if anyone has this rose. I am going to send cuttings to a friend in Florida and he said that he heard that it doesn't like to much heat? Is it true? Could he grow it in part shade like afternoon shade or something?


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strawchicago 5a IL(zone 5a)

According to the "Encyclopedia of Roses", Duc de Cambridge is hardy to zone 5, prone to blackspot and a BIG weakness in proliferation - the blooms are spoiled by a huge, green, disfiguring growth at the ceter, due to the rush in spring growth. There is no mention of it disliking heat.

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This is a hybrid Gallica/Damask and as such, it requires a cold winter dormancy in order to flower. Unless your friend plans to overwinter his plant in the refrigerator, its not going to be a good plant for Florida. I expect that is what he meant by not liking "too much heat".

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I didn't want to be the first to say it, but the proliferation on DdC is truly godawful. In my climate it has every other virtue, but all is spoiled by the one horrible fault. Not a rose I would recommend to anyone, and I don't say that about that many roses.

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JessicaBe(5-6 Central Ohio)

Thank you so much for you replies I have forwarded them to my friend.

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