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angie_in_houstonSeptember 14, 2009


I have a question about using a soaker hose. We have just finished landscaping our front flowerbeds. We put down landscaping fabric, then we planted our shrubs, and then we covered it with mulch. My question is: If we put down a soaker hose to keep the shrubs watered, will the water go through the fabric? Or is it pointless to use a soaker hose with landscaping fabric?

Also, any ideas for how to keep the flowerbeds connected with the soaker hose when there is a sidewalk dividing them?

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davidandkasie(Z8 MS)

the water will go thru the fabric, but try to get the hoses as close to the trunk of the shrubs as possible.

to get the hoses from one bed to another, dig a hole at either side of the sidewalk. put a twist type pressure nozzle on a water hose and set it to a hard stream. then let it blast a hole from one side to teh other. you just push it along, probably take 10 minutes or so at most to do. it will be meshy, but works. then just pull a section of hose thru the hole and bring it up into each bed. if you want something better than hose underground, pick up some PVC and put that in there, then on the end towards your spigot put a glue on female hose fitting, and the other end at the next bed a glue on male. then you can hook any hose, soaker or not to it.

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