Setting fence post in saturated soils

isabella__MA(z5_MA)September 23, 2008


I also posted in bog-gardens with the hope of gleaning some wisdonm. I have fence post that must be advanced into fully saturated soil. My post holes were advanced, but the post were not set, because there is 1 foot of standing water in he bottom of my 2-foot deep post hole!

I am looking for a method of setting these fence post (PT wood) that will ensure their stability and longevity.

I am thinking about sono-tube footer forms filled with concrete to above the ground surface, and the top of the footer form will be a bolt for attaching a pots.

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Beeone(4 N. Wyo.)

What you are suggesting sounds good. When using wood posts, even the pressure treated ones will rot sooner in wet ground, so if you pour a cement footer and attach the post where it will be above the moisture, it will last a full life.

Other alternatives are to use steel posts which will take much longer to rust away than wood posts will take to rot, or use cedar posts. Cedar lasts almost forever in difficult conditions, is nearly indestructible (and difficult to hammer staples into).

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