Black spots and leaf drop on a jade plant question

puff(z7 NC)September 12, 2003

The leaves on my jade plant develop black spots and then slowly turn yellow and drop off. The process takes about 7-10 days and it always starts with the black spots, sometimes on the edge of the leaf but usually on the top of it. Most of the spots cannot be felt, but a few are very slightly pitted. The leaves are not wrinkled or squishy, but are firm. It is the leaf growth from last year; this years new leaves are not dropping. About ten percent of the plant is affected. Is the normal leaf drop that I have read about? I've never seen anyone mention the black spots. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks.

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mehitabel(z6 MO)

hi, puff. Sounds like it might be a fungus to me. If so, you can spray with a broad spectrum fungicide like *Ortho Garden Disease*. I had jade years ago, and don't remember any 10% dropping of leaves.

If you can take an affected leaf to a real nursery (not HD or that lot, but a nursery) they may be able to tell you.

Check in at the garden clinic forum to see what they have to say. Good luck.

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Rosa(4ish CO Rockie)

Also try the houseplants fourm. But it does sound like a fungal disease as opposed to the ususal over watering.

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Hi Puff-never water a Jade plant if top leaves are firm, only when soft. Sounds to me that you are watering too much, if you touch test you will never go wronge! good luck!

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Yeah, sounds like a little too much water to me too. Mine drops leaves everytime i walk by it, or even look at it wrong. I just get used to it, it only spends 2 months inside, rest of the time it is outside. I don't worry about it, it grows fast for me.

Mine has always gotten little black spots, and leaves fall off. I've never done anythign about it, but, come to think of it, i don't think that happens in the summertime when i've got it outside. I think i water less in the summer (actually the same, but it's hot in the summer, so i assume it uses water faster).
It's really easy to root jade- just take some of those dropped leaves, throw them on the dirt, and give a little water. Tons more jade plants.


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annafl(z9b/10a Sarasota)

I agree, too much watering leading to fungal disease. Jades do well with only occassional watering. When you water, try to water the soil and not the leaves- especially in cool weather. Also, water in the morning, so all leaves dry as quickly as possible. Get rid of any old leaves with spots that may reinfect rest of plant. Good luck!


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My jade has these black spots too. It is a baby jade my friend gave me (first one for me!)about an inch tall with 4 leaves and 2 tiny leaves at the top. After I transplanted it I didn't want to water it for a long time because I read the roots need to heal first, right? So, I kept it inside because it's been raining every day here in Florida. Then after about a week and a half inside, I put it outside. It got one heavy rain, but I have it in well-draining cactus soil, so assumed that was okay. It gets FULL FULL sun all day outside. After about another week outside I noticed all of my succulents that I had recently transplanted and moved inside and outside with this plant looked sunburned. It is weird to think this could happen to a desert plant, but they did. My aloe had red tan lines where the upper leaves blocked the lower leaves. A baby aloe I just moved to its own pot turned brown and squishy. Luckily, I moved it back inside and watered and it came back to a healthy green.

Anyway, this after this sunburning, my jade leaves got a litte bumpy. They're still hard but they aren't waxy looking like I've seen on big jades. Then they developed these brown spots. Could this be from the sun. The spots look like they are part of the leaf and not a fungus.

Sorry about such a long question, any ideas?

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