question about cutting back

grandad43October 31, 2009

I have a great deal of daylilies

and I am trying to increase that amount

I started out with about 2 dozen different colors od ths day blooming plant and now have increase that amount by ten

my question

what is the purpose of trimming back my lillies, elephant ears, glads and Irises before winter

I hae just planted my tulip bulbs and have sent off for more tulips and can azalies be rooted I rooted some willow trees and have brought my mother in laws aloe plants back to lifeand zi need some advice on the care and raising ferns


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I wouldn't cut back any plant before winter;
let them keep photosynthesizing (making & storing food) for as long as they can.

When the foliage turns brown & icky, you can cut it off.

Bulbs especially need all the time they can get;
if they don't store additional food, the new growth uses up the energy the bulb stored from previous years, & the bulb gets smaller-
(sort of like "living off the principal"!)

A friend always cuts back her elephant ears, although I keep telling her it isn't a good idea.

The other day, she told me she' sick & tired of them because every year they get smaller & smaller, & she's going to dig 'em all up & throw them away!

I never cut back irises;
they're evergreen & those leaves are storing energy all the time, building it up for those beautiful flowers.

I don't know a lot about azaleas;
the ones we have here are more or less evergreen, & it seems like the only pruning is for aesthetic reasons, to maintain shape & keep them off the walkways & so forth.

Have fun & enjoy your garden!

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