How exciting! Buds on my Albas!

nikthegreek(9b/10a E of Athens, Greece)April 2, 2014

I only have 4 old European once bloomers planted. One is Ispahan planted this fall which is already growing strongly but I do not expect any blooms this year. The other three I planted fall of 2012 hoping to see blooms this year. The winter started quite promising (i.e. chilly) but ended up being very mild, a non-winter really. My hopes for seeing blooms on these roses had vanished, having read about these roses' affinity to cool winter conditions, but today I noticed buds forming on both Queen of Denmark and Felicite Parmentier! I feel excited and can't wait to see flowers on them!

Are these roses considered relatively 'easy' bloomers in warmer climates? One thing I did is that I pulled off all their leaves in December hoping to help them go into some kind of dormancy.

My other once bloomer, Charles de Mills, is only just leafing out. Is it normal for this Gallica to leaf out so much later than the Albas? Should I have hopes that it will bloom also?

All this is so exciting since my experience with these kinds of roses is minimal. Will I be so lucky and be able to grow both Teas and Chinas and these European once bloomers in my garden?

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How exciting, Nik! I will be planting my first Albas this year so don't have any experience with them at all yet. But I have noticed in my garden in North Carolina that the Gallicas are very slow to leaf out. Most of my roses right now are covered in new leaves. But not the Gallicas. They appear to be sleeping still.

Congratulations on your baby buds!

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Mendocino_Rose(z8 N CA.)

Nik I hope your Albas do well. That's promising that they have buds. We get enough winter chill here to not worry. Mine are just leafing out now. The Gallicas are always late. I hope you gave Ispahan lots of room. I had no idea that mine would get 8 to 10 feet high.

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I never seem to have luck with once bloomers (ie. FP and DdM).. their blooms are so easily destroyed by Thrips every year.

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nikthegreek(9b/10a E of Athens, Greece)

Thanks guys! JJ fortunately thrips are not much of a problem here most years and when they are they tend to come after the once bloomers' peak. Various beatles tend to be more of a problem.

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Nik, my albas leaf out before my gallicas. They also begin blooming a bit ahead of them. I have both Queen of Denmark and Felicite Parmentier, too. I LOVE them! Let us know how your albas progress in your warmer climate. I'll be curious to hear. Carol

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nikthegreek(9b/10a E of Athens, Greece)

Thanks Carol. I'll make sure to let you know. Actually, I have forgotten which Alba is which and I'm waiting to see the flowers to tell them apart. One has grown quite larger than the other so maybe this is a clue for someone knowledgeable.

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Our climate allows us to grow both Teas and Chinas and the European once-bloomers with no difficulty, but in a place where you can grow citrus, I don't know. Do you have tulips and lilacs locally? Certainly it's worth a try. Good luck, and congratulations on those buds!

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nikthegreek(9b/10a E of Athens, Greece)

Yes Melissa, we can grow citrus, we have native tulip species (rare) and can grow lilacs. This is a boundary climate where I live, it can swing here or there depending on the year. Temps below freezing are rare but temps in the upper 30s - low 40s (F) are common in winter although mostly at night and never for very long. The more tropical kinds of citrus can have a difficult time during some winters. I'm not well versed in the Italian climates so I can't really tell you where in Italy one can find an equivalent (micro)climate. Surely quite further south than where you are.

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Nik, I've heard of albas growing well in very warm places as long as there is some winter chill (not necessarily sub zero). I'm betting yours will be lovely. I have grown these gorgeous once bloomers for years: Queen of D, Felicite Parmentier, Semi Plena, Madame Plantier, and Great Maiden's Blush. I've ordered Blush Hip. Queen of D is larger than Felicite in my experience. My albas seem to grow and flower quite well in partial shade to pretty darn shady areas which can be a plus. Albas also thrive in full sun. Looking forward to photos of your blooms! Carol

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Isphahan just starting to open up here. Moved and heavily pruned last year it will not have a big flowering this year, but it is doing its best anyway.


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Rosefolly, I adore Ispahan! I'm so glad she's a keeper in your garden. (I believe you mentioned that you've been downsizing your rose collection.) I grew Ispahan at my last residence but don't have a place for her here. Please stick your nose in some blooms for me. Carol

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