opened up garage door - field mice!

swallowpond(z6south indiana)October 7, 2005

Hi there. I opened up the garage door this morning and a field mouse scurried away (I saw many feet - was she carrying babies?). Is there some way of killing them quickly? Blood and gore is not my thing...What can I put in the garage to stop them from coming in?

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Buy, borrow or rent a cat and set it up in the garage.

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swallowpond(z6south indiana)

A cat! Cool idea ronalawn. Hmmmm... DH is allergic to cats. Well, he can stay out of the garage for a few days while I let friend's cat have a feast.

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I hate this method, but my dad uses it for the field mice that get into his restaurant through the vents. He buys the yellow glue pads for mice-I would gess HD or Lowes. There is no blood but the poor things dye of thirst while strugling to get off the glue-he usually puts them out of their misery, its really heart renching but we can't have them in the restaurant.

You might consider asking an exterminator about bait. We had squirrels in our attic they laid bait that made the squirrils thirsty and want to leave and then die elsewhere-cause you don't want dead squirrels in your walls.

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Rosa(4ish CO Rockie)

I've used the glue traps as well and they will chew off a leg off since they are still alive and want unstuck. I've also set these out and come back 2 days later to find only 1/2 a mouse on the glue board. YUCK!!

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meldy_nva(z6b VA)

Try (and I am not making any guarantees!) putting a shallow, uncovered bowl half-full of undiluted Pine-Sol, [original scent]. If you have pets or children, place the bowl in a locked cabinet so that they cannot reach it.

We were having trouble with mice getting into our old country house, and it did work for us. I don't think it kills the mce - just makes the area undesirable so the ones nearby leave and others don't bother moving in. We've also found that a small bowl had the same effect on squirrels who were getting into the attic in our main house. The only time the squirrels come back is when the liquid has evaporated.

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swallowpond(z6south indiana)

Yeah, I hear you on the glue trap. Last year we trapped a mouse with it. I put the trap (with mouse) out on the porch while I hunted for something to put it out of its misery. In the meantime my son fed it corn! It ate the corn! I took the trap and mouse out to the street and placed it in the center where a car ran over it. Had to adjust won't believe - a truck went over the place and didn't get it. My son on sidelines "bet it is scared." I really want to avoid entire fiasco. Shallow bowl of pine-sol is infinitely more attractive.

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Calimoss(z10 CA)

We moved into a newly built community right behind a canyon and get field mice in the garage every now and then. Though I don't feel sympathetic towards the mice (the very thought of them getting into the house makes me squirm!), I just can't deal with seeing little bodies in traps. I don't know if you have them in your area but we use Antac Pest Control. For $30 a month they set up traps of your choice (glue, snap traps, poison) and come out to remove the dead or stuck creatures when you call. (They also do all insects, squirrels, and gophers)

I personally stay away from the poisons. I've had mice eat it and die in some dark corner of my garage. Then we end up playing "sniff and seek" when the corpse starts to decompose. YUCK!

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those little plug in ultrasonic noise makers seemed to work in my kitchen

the sound waves are higher freqency and wont make it a significant distance , such as if you just plug em in a distance from the door

so you might want to try (when you think or know they are not inside), extension cords with the ultrasonic noise makers placed on the ground near where they sneak in

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jonesboy_eia(east Ia)

Mice carried dog food into the exaust of my pickup, plugged the muffler. $ to fix. Use a mix of corn meal and plaster of paris. It is safe around pets, but the plaster sets up when wet( in the mouse) and kills them.

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Chris_MI(z5 MI)

I like using the old fashioned snap traps, you get used to emptying them, and being careful-they do smart your fingers if you get caught. One thing about mice in our pole barn, I had to nail the traps to a larger piece of wood, or the neighbor's cats would take the mouse-- trap & all. I never did catch mice in one of those plastic things. You have to get rid of the mice-their poops are full of pathegolins.

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windchime(z6a NJ)

Also, you can find out where they are coming in, and plug up the hole so you won't get future visits. Anything that they can chew, such as screening material, will not work. Use cement, or a piece of wood attached with constructive adhesive, or whatever will plug up the hole completely. They can squeeze through very small spaces.

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dixielib(z6/7 Ga)

once when i had an infestation of mice...i lived in the woods...i had the exterminator come out and plugs entrances into the house...worked for several years. they know where to look and spray the foamy stuff. worked for me.

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If you need to get rid of them, I think the snap-traps are the most humane.

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roseyp8255(z8 - SC AL)

I like the idea of corn meal and plaster of paris...or maybe the pine sol - or both...i have them BAD out in the barn....which is used as a storage area....planning to get out there soon and clean it out...will probly break my neck running from the rats! :)

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This is for Kris bait does kill mice and rats BUT it does not make them thirsty so they hunt for water and die outside. They bleed internaly because the bait is made of wayfarin or cumidin. Now a mouse or rat that is drowning in their blood will not be thirsty. They usually die in the house in your wall and stink it up use the traps best bet.

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