Anyone use a ceiling fan inside GH?

rjingaFebruary 14, 2009

I would need to figure out if the CF could be wired to a plug, since I still dont have electricity. But if it could, do you think I could secure it somehow to the ceiling?

I need some of you more creative, good at building, engineering types to help me out with a solution that could work.

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I saw a really neat fan with misting emitters on it today at an outdoor restaurant on the patio I would love to have in mine. I had thought about a ceiling fan but didn't know how to put it up and attach it to the pole at the top of the roof.

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stressbaby(z6 MO)

If you wanted to make sure the connection was protected, you could probably do it with one of those heavy steel 4x4 junction boxes. Attach the junction box to ceiling. Instead of hardwiring the fan, wire it to a properly rated extension cord. Use waterproof wire nuts. Hang fan and plug in.

I did the same thing with some HEAVY 400W metal halide lights and it worked fine.

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How you install a ceiling fan depends on the structure of your GH, but you do need a stable mounting platform or it could vibrate so much as to be dangerous.

But regardless of how you mount the fan, until such time as you do run a permanent line to your GH, you could hard wire the fan through PVC conduit to a weatherproof junction box mounted in a location convenient to where you want to run the extension cord to it.

Drill through the wall just enough to run wires through, to a weatherproof outlet box, mounted on the exterior. When you plug the extension cord into the exterior box, it will power up the fan.

You could also add an interior outlet for some other electrical appliance or a light doing the same, and have power in your GH, with no heavy cords laying around inside to trip over.

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tominnh(5 NH)

I do use a ceiling fan in the greenhouse. It's rated for out door use and works great. On warm days I reverse the direction which aids in pushing the excess heat out the roof vents.

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Sherwood Botsford(3a)

Electricity + water = bad things happening.

Most ceiling fans are NOT designed for an environment with water.

Most green houses have things like sprinklers, garden hoses.

If you put electrical stuff in a green house, put everything on GFI circuits. That way you don't electricute your self.

Also: Greenhouse is a very humid environment. Lifespan of fan will not be high. Be ready to replace every year or two.

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Solar fans? anyone tried these? I am hoping there are some nice ones out there. We just got our first gh and that is something that I can see would help. Solar panels hooked to a low voltage fan with some kind of thermostat switch. I would like to blow the hot air onto my brick floor to heat it up and retain more heat. has anyone tried that? I would think that with current tech advancements, this might be an easier solution for your fan problems. Plus, I don't have electricity at my gh.

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I have a small solar panel in my greenhouse, it only puts out about 200ma at a time, and only when the sun is shinning. That is enough to run a small muffin fan from an old computer. My greenhouse is only 6 x 8 so it does give me a bit of air movement, but not much. It was only about $15 at Harbor Freight. I really like it.

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I have a 200 CFM solar exhaust fan from Home Depot. Works great in heat of the day when the sun is shining. I also have a 15W solar panel connected to 2 deep cycle batteries. I have a oscillating fan connected to the batteries via a thermostat. I put the fan at the top of the greenhouse directly above the propane floor heater. This does two things, when the heater comes on at night the fan comes on and circulates the warm air towards the floor. Second, during the heat of the day it comes on and helps with ventilation. I don't have electric either. I have 2 55 gallon water barrels that double as my watering source and heat sink. I have a 12V RV pump hooked to the barrel and the drip system. So far No Grid :-)

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tominnh(5 NH)

Yes.. Have used a ceiling fan non stop for a couple years now. It is rated for outdoor use works great. tried to post a pic but no go...!

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tropicalaria(z7 WA)

I have had an outdoor rated ceiling fan in my greenhouse for years now, constantly running on the highest setting. It hasn't stopped for anything but power outages. It is hanging from a sealed junction box connected to conduit, with an 18" hanging extension.

It works great. Of course, my greenhouse is a geodesic dome, so the circulation dynamics are entirely different.

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