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cactusgardenNovember 15, 2010

OK, this is the closest forum I found that fits my predicament. There is a dump of a backyard next door. I don't want to call the city because I don't want to have bad feelings and possible revenge coming at me because he would know it was me. The guy has a hog wire fence and two dogs. The fence doesn't work so he piled tree limbs and branches all along 120' of the floppy fence. Its hideous, all sizes and shapes with dried leaves on branches. I couldn't believe anyone would do that and I'd been so happy he was trimming trees finally. There is a place where the branches don't keep the dogs in so he has an old rotten looking cooler with holes in the lid, full of cut logs and stagnant water. Then he piled cinderblocks and concrete pavers on top of the pile of branches. There is a pond and I haven't heard the pump in over a year and you can't see it due to these huge jungle looking pond plants. There's no fish in it. Very large branches still litter the yard from an ice storm two years ago (except the ones lining the fence which are two years old also. The overgrown, untrimmed trees and underbrush is getting horrible along the fence on my side. The back wasn't mowed all summer but there's so much shade and its so scraggly its only about 9" to 12"of bermuda.

I want to go in there and just clean it bit by bit while he is at work. Will this get me into trouble? I don't even think he would notice. I just took out my privet hedge and want to plant ornamental grasses. The only reason the hedge was there was to hide the horror. Cost me 6' x 120' of unusable gardening area for a hedge I was sick of trimming and didn't like in the first place and I finally said ENOUGH, this guy is controlling my garden plans. We keep our yard clean and I love gardening more than just about anything and can't bear this eyesore. Also I want to get a very large container of Round-up with a long shooting spray and start in on the underbrush.

Can a person do this? I am beginning to loose my mind over this mess. Here it is, 3:22 am and I am typing this thing. I think the new addition of the pavers on the limbs today put it into critical mass because I suggested he could come and get them from my yard if he'd take out the logs and ice chest. I felt kind of good trying to work with the guy and asking him in a nice way to move the branches. Believe me, I have had mental conversations not nearly this nice when I wouldn't have trusted myself to say anything to him. When I went out and saw this just piled on top I just, well, I don't know what I just........

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manda3(8a DFW Texas)

What do you imagine your neighbor doing to you? Check your city ordinance and report any violation. Not only does this annoy you, but it also lowers the value of every surrounding property and poses a safety hazard. If the topic comes up, side with your neighbor. Claim that you received a citation as well or if you're too immaculate, claim that another neighbor down the street received one. Weeds and paint are the most common citations. So is standing water. Don't try to handle the situation yourself. It's not your job and it could get you in trouble.

You can report things anonymously. When they ask who you are, decline to give that information. It's quite normal for an ordinance officer to say that they were doing a sweep of the neighborhood. They rarely give the multiple complaints excuse and should never give the name of the informant unless it involves living animals.

Go ahead and spray the Round-up or Kills-All on your side of the fence.

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Thank you for the reply Manda. I got proactive yesterday after hitting rock bottom. I was able to reach over the hog wire since its so thin and I pulled up every stick, log and branch. It felt good. Really Good. He "caught" me in the act and I confronted him, mentioning codes, branches from a 2 year old ice storm, not mowing, rats and other rodents and that this fence solution would not fly and he had to do something because I am going to call the city. We had already politely suggested people who worked cheap and ideas on four occasions so I feel he has had every chance. It will take me probably 3 city pickups to get rid of what I pulled out yesterday but it was a great way to work out my anger.

I found out the fine for the stagnant pond is $1000. The cut branches were listed as a violation but I don't think they fine you for that. Stagnant water--serious business. They make 3 visits, a warning, a second to see if it in compliance and then a third to clean it up and bill the person. Each visit is charged $200 unless you do something.

I feel better. One way or another the party is over. No more molly coddleing.

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manda3(8a DFW Texas)

Oh, good for you. Did it get cleaned up yet?

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I had decided I would give him until Memorial Day and then I was calling it in. I was out there taking pictures of my garden to send to a friend and decided I would take a picture of his yard to show her what I was talking about. He came out while I was pointing the camera, obviously, at his yard and stood there with a kind of shocked look. I just looked right back and went on photographing it moving toward the back. He was out there in 2 days starting to clean it and has been at it all week.

I guess he figured I was documenting it to turn him in. I know I am probably a "b-t-h" in his eyes but I'd rather have that rats nest clean than be liked. Good thing, I really did hate the idea of calling the city.

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