Rooting Hormone.. help?

gnomeshroomNovember 29, 2009

Hello, I am just a bit confused about a rooting hormone product (green light - powder not liquid). I have a snapdragon that has lived for a while, but recently a frog got into its pot and I had to re-pot it again because its roots had been pulled out of the soil. I noticed that despite its age, the roots were very small. They have always been quite small. It looks like it could use some help. Maybe its pot is too large? How do I determine correct pot size?

I do need to re-pot/fix the soil again because of the frog (this time I am moving the plant to a table outside). But before I do, I was wondering if rooting hormone would be of some help. The instructions on the bottle are quite vague, I have no idea how much to use.

It says "Powder dipping procedure" (for cuttings I suppose) and then "General treatment of seeds, bulbs, corms, and roots of ornamental plants": Place green light rooting hormone and bulbs, corms, or roots in a sealed bag or container. Shake well to deposit a light coating. Screen off excess powder for future use.

Does anyone have any idea how to go about this? Any tips or suggestions would be much appreciated.

Thanks for reading.

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tomva(7-central virginia)

the only thing i have ever used root hormone for was for propagation(on cuttings ),more than likely if it is a little plant in a big pot,repot it into a smaller pot,that helps with developing good roots,they like to be snug(for lack of better word)

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

I'd check on the quality of the potting medium first and foremost. Roots require ample oxygen and gas exchange at the roots in order to thrive. If your potting soil collapsed and become too fine textured, the roots will never prosper.

With a potting medium that is very coarse textured and fast draining, you need not worry too much about the pot size being too large. The vast majority of commercial potting mixes won't do the trick, unless you make some serious amendments to improve the texture.

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could be that the plant got too much nitrogen, too.

That stimulates topgrowth but not root development.

You can cut back the top part of the plant to give the roots a breather, so that they're not trying to support more topgrowth than they are able to.

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Can u use the rooting hormones ob black berries cutting

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