crepe jasmine: winter care??

cjw123November 8, 2006

I purchased a crepe jasmine this spring and was wondering if there was anything that I need to be doing to get it winter ready? I am unsure as to how much cold it can tolerate and would hate to lose it over the winter months. I would greatly appreciate any tips or ideas. Thanks!

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This is one time I would use pesticide and spray my plant as a precaution. The outdoor plants are custom to much stronger light outdoors,
so I like to move the plants just before the heater starts to help ease the transition. Search the web for the hardiness zone since we do not
know which sp. you have.

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aka_peggy(Central Md 6b)

I haven't grown crepe jasmine but I do have tender gardenia's, orchids and a bird of paradise that I grow in a cool room. I think that most tender perennials can be grown in cool temps so long they don't freeze. I've never had insect problems with any of the plants mentioned. My grow room is a mudroom with a bright east facing window. The temp has never dropped below 40 and the plants thrive. IMO the low humidity in a heated room is more detrimental than a cool room.

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Hi Cjw
i am malini, a new member. i am interested in crepe jasmine, it is a sacred plant for us hindus.
is your crepe jasmine single or double variety. Please let me know if you can spare me a cutting or some seeds.
Thanks very much for your time.

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