BarbaraNY316November 3, 2005

I have, after many years of trying, got my Avacado pit to grow. It is in a flower pot in my bathroom as I have skylight and large frosted glass window and it is safe from my kitties. I have transplanted it on 2 different occassions and it is now over 3 feet tall and doing great. Even the original first leaves are still attached and quite large and it is beautiful.

Is there any chance of it being planted outside in the spring? Or maybe even better be allowed to continue to be potted but by putting outside, increase the pot size according to its growth. I live in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.) I have even name it Pete but is there a female/male issue and would it ever produce fruit or just be a beautiful tree????? I have never gotten this far and now need help to keep it healthy and growing well...Thanks.

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DebbieSue(7a Okc)

Good for you Barbara!! I've got my first Avacado plant on my dining room table. Just recently moved it inside. I hope it survives till I can put it back out next spring.
Mine is only a foot & a half tall.
No name, but I love it!
Debbie in Ok

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Avacados have tap roots, & are best left in pots if you do not have the climate to grow them. Or, you can bury your pot in the ground. They need good drainage.

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3-5 feet is a very desirable height for growing Avocado in containers and can be easily maintained in a 5 gallon container by occasional soil
replacement for sustaining lush vigorous growth.

Ankrara's Hobby Corner

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