tire potatoes

stt60(zone-5)November 15, 2008

I have read,and watched videos on youtube about growing potatoes in tires.I really want to try it next spring I understand the basics,what I don't understand is harvesting the bottom layer which was planted first. If you have tires 3 deep how do you get the bottom ones without disturbing the top and middle layer?

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petzold6596(8b southern NM)

Potatoes are harvested at one time. If you want small tatters you do it early and so on.

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Hi; I'm new to this forum and just tripped over this post; maybe can help, though I've never tried this method myself.

When growing potatoes, it's important to "hill up" the plants, or pull garden soil up around the base of the plant to encourage the development of more potatoes. With the tire method, you place one tire, fill it with garden soil, and plant your potato plant(s). Eventually, you'll place a second tire on top of the first and gradually fill it with garden soil, and, subsequently, a third tire (though that seems like a pretty big "hill" to me.

When it's time to harvest the potatoes, you cut back the plant to the soil, remove some of the soil from the top tire and harvest as many potatotes as you need. The rest of the potatoes can - or so they say - be safely left in the soil in the lower tires until you're ready to harvest them.

Again, I've never tried this method. Sounds interesting. If no one else in this forum has any experience or further advice with this method, perhaps you might try posting your question in the vegetable gardening forum.

Good luck to you!

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