Help we created a lake

charlesmartorelli(z10 ca)November 20, 2011

Last summer we had a shed installed in our backyard. After the installation we thought it would be a good idea to remove the grass from in front and but down rocks so in the winter (rainy season) it would not be muddy if we were going into the shed. We today we had our first rain and the water just poled in the rock area. I our neighborhood we do have thick clay soil so I think wen we put in the 3 inches of rocks we compacted the soil. Before when this area was grass the ground was mushy in the winter but no water pooled. What can we do.

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1) Build a bridge. Pallets work well, but deconstructed pallets will give you lumber to make something elegant.

2) Dig a dry well. On the lower side, dig a a large deep hole. Sink a barrel in it or line the sides with boards, fill it with large rocks or cement blocks and put a cover on it.

3) Muck boots are excellent.

4) Koi

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