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Sarah Schaefer - OhioDecember 7, 2000

My father recently gave me a branch taken from a jade tree that has been in my family for 50 years. I want to find out as much as I can about this plant. It's origin, what it represents, how to take care of it, what to do and what not to do. If someone can help me with this information I would be very grateful. I want to explain it's importance when I am ready to pass it on to my children. Thanks, Sarah Schaefer

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Al Derrick - USDA 9 Sunset 15

Sarah lots of information is available under its botanical name'Crassula argentea'. A very easy long lasting plant. You should have no trouble starting one from the cutting you have. Al

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Jim Mercer - Liverpool - UK


Crassula ovata now seems to be the botanical name, there are lots of postings on the Cacti & Succulent forum.


Here is a link that might be useful: Jade Plant

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Amanda M. Moore

What is the general care tips for maintining a jade tree? How many times do you water, etc.?

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Tom (Nevada 5b)


If you're still looking for information on this plant...
Try here

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littlejo(z7 california)

I recently aquired a 50 year old jade tree. It was in a very small pot. I transplanted it with care and it is now getting ready to bloom! I am still very nervouse and would like to treat this wonderful plant with the best care possible. Any input would be appreaciated. thank you..

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I have a young jade plant and am not very familiar with them. I have some things hanging from various stems and they look like little icicles (1/4 inch), but they surely are not ice. They're kind of jelly like and they're in clumps of 2-5 near the joints of some stems. Is this a pest of some sort? Is my plant diseased? Any known treatments? Can it spread to other plants??
Any info would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you!

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I have heard that a jade tree that turns pink or purple is getting too much sun. It's suppose to be at it's healthiest state when it's nice and green.

Is this true? And, how do you know when it's time to move them to a bigger pot? Do they drop leaves to let you know?


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weebus(Z8 Sunset 5 WA)

The purple leaves on the Jade are probably due to stress. It should come back out of it. just give it light and treat it the same as you used to in the old house. I would have held off repotting it until it adjusted to it's new home. The stress of both the move and the potting is what you are seeing.

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Hello, I just purchased a couple very small plants. One is a cactus, a tiny (2 inches tall) cactus they call it a 'Bunny Ear' when I purchased it from, and have little groups of 30 needles that stick into you very easy, and a 'Sunset Jade' (3 inches tall) which is just a normal Jade plant I think. but anyways.. I'm a total bufoon with plants as i've never owned any before, but i'd like to know how to take care of them. I purchased them to put on my desk to make it look nice. About the cactus and the jade, I'd like to know how often I need to water them, they are still very very small and need t grow.. I watered them about a week and a half ago and today, is this fine? Also the jade has some purple lining around the edges of the leafs is this normal? I had watered the cactus a week and a half ago too.. afraid to water it right now I thought i'd get some advice.. also, the pots are roughly 2 1/2 inches by 2 inches big. Since the plants are still small i was wondering about how big they should get before I put them in a different pot. Any help would be appreciated, I'm new to this kinda stuff, never really cared about it before.. but now that I think about it having plants is kind of neat.. anyways.. Thanks in advance.

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byrdzeye(z5 OH)

Sorry, this is off topic but...

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It's so old that when it started I had not written my page about jade trees....

Here is a link that might be useful: Growing Crassula ovata - in the UK

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csosnowski(5b NY)

I have a jade tree that is about 7 years old. I have transplanted it a couple of times as it continues to outgrow its pot. On part of my tree it looks like it has roots growing out of different parts. Are these roots? Or could I not be watering it enough? I have never trimmed my tree, could this be the problem?

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Speaking of cats this thread is older than both my cats combined. Alright, I have done some research on jades due to the fact that I rescued some from a mangled 20 yr old plant. Jades come from south africa. Give your jade well draining soil, fill your drainage dish with stones so the soil cannot sit in its water. Water sparingly, these guys like a little drought before the floods come. I water my plants when the leaves become slightly wrinkled. Getting them water just before that happens would be ok too. Fertilize 2-3 times a year. Don't fertilize if they are stressed (just replanted, moved to new home, just been pruned etc.) If your rooting new babies follow the directions on James's link. They don't require rooting hormone, but I used it 'cuz I'm impatient like that. They like all the sun they can get (I got mine on an east facing window AND I use several lights). If your plants are in a dark area DON'T go and throw them in direct sunlight. Bring them out into the light in stages, otherwise they will get a mean sunburn, which could be fatal. That's how I got my cuttings, the plant lived in a dark house for decades, the new owner of the plant tossed it on her exremely bright porch for the summer, didn't water it once. Don't let the plant sit out in the cold, their minimum temp. is about 40 farenheit. If the plant looks thin and leggy give it more light. Sometimes they'll grow little white roots on their branches, these should dry off when the tree realizes the roots aren't finding soil. Csosnowski, jade likes to be root bound, if it keeps wanting a bigger pot, congradulations, you'll have a big plant in a short time. Donot drop it in a huge pot, you'll be asking for root- rot. There is a lot of diferent tyypes of jade. Some get purple or reddish tones on there leaves, some have tubular leaves, some leaves are 2 inches long some are only a 1/2 inch long. A mature jade who had a good growth season will flower when temp. and light levels fall. If a branch gets mushy, remove down to firm growth, this is rot, cut back on water, increase drainage, hold off on fertilizer for a bit. Pruning is a matter of taste some do, some don't. If you are gonna prune break the peices at the knuckles. The removed pieces can the be rooted. The right time for repotting I'm not sure, my guess would be when the plant growth slows.
Good luck

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cudalobar(z5 CO)

I just aquired a jade tree and there are a number of stems in the container. Any suggestions as to whether it is best to seperate them after the become accustom to there new conditions?

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potty(7long island)

very hardy plant. yes, those white root like thingies hanging down from the branches are roots. you can break off a piece basically anywhere on the plant and just stick it some sandy soil and it will root and make a new plant. they can also be heavily pruned if they get too leggy and make wonderful bonsai specimens. I have several types, my favorite for bonsai are the dwarfs. also have one that i've been growing for about 15 or so years and is 4' tall with a 6" thick trunk and has been pruned down to almost nothing several times. just don't give them too much water. let them dry out.

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I have had a jade tree for 2 years and it has been in the same place in my home. Suddenly it is dropping branches which are soft and more leaves than usual. Can anyone advise me what might be wrong and what to do. I leave in a dry environment and it has just gotten warm where I live. Thank you.

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Goodness Gracious me....This thread lasted 10JEARS......!!!

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