Remove Fortnight Lily / African Iris

Valerie.DurkeeDecember 17, 2010

What's the best way to remove/eradicate fortnight lilies? I planted a few in my front yard about eight years ago and they've just become such an eyesore because of how much they self seed. I did my best removing seed pods to prevent the mess, but I would still miss a few and now I've got little seedlings popping up everywhere and it's driving me bananas. I want to remove the fortnights and replace with a less invasive plant, so something like Ground Clear isn't an option.


Thanks! :)

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To prevent them from spreading, just mow them before they bloom & set seed;
to get rid of the ones you already have, give them away.

You might check with area gardening groups or clubs, or just put an ad on freecycle or craigslist "Free-Dig Your Own".

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