Protect new plantings from neighbors' overgrowth

christinelaDecember 27, 2010

Hi, a chain link fence separates my neighbors' yard from my own. Their side is severely overgrown, with at least a foot of ivy, many large shrubs, and a foot or so of dead leaves on the ground against the chain link fence. I just cut back the portion of the shrubs that was growing into my side, and I'd like to plant flowers against the fence and new plants. I am worried that their shrubs will again overtake my plants, and also that the dead leaves and ivy will creep onto my side and mess my new plantings. What are some techniques to combat this?

Installing a new fence isn't really an option right now. (I've also tried asking our mutual gardener to help, and he's helped but only a little.) Is there anything such as pieces of plastic that I can line my side of the chain link fence with to keep my side clean? It's not a privacy issue because their shrubs are so dense. It's really just a desire to keep my side looking clean and to protect my new plants.

Thank you so much!

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It's just like arranging furniture;
if you put your own bed, that you sleep in, against the wall to maximize your floor space, you cannot squeeze in there to make up the bed.

"Wasting" a little space is actually the wise thing to do.

If you plant your garden plants further away from the fence, you'll have room to walk behind them to trim, prune, etc without stomping on your own plants.

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That is good advice! I will probably go ahead and plant what I like, just not all the way up to the fence.

I am hoping that in spring their shrubs look prettier, too -- right now they seem to be dormant with a lot of empty patches where I cut them back.

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