Cutting Wiggle Wire Channel

moon1234(5)March 22, 2012

So I bought 23-8 foot sections of wiggle wire channel for my new greenhouse I am putting up. What I did not think about is how to cut this stuff. What do people do? I have read about people using circular saws, etc to cut it, but that sounds really dangerous. Not only from all of the aluminum fines, etc. but what if it graps a small piece and launchs it at your head?

Has anyone used snips to cut it? I am almost regretting getting it now and thinking I may return most of it and just use nail down strips of wood. My greenhouse is in my backyard and the kids like to run around back there barefoot. I would feel really bad if they got aluminum chips in their feet or worse when mowing the lawn.

Grrr. I bought the pipe straps so I would not have to drill the purlins (we wound up having to drill the purlins on the end bows and put in bolts or they kept sliding through. I am less worried about the steel as it will rust out in the yard over the course of years, but aluminum is a base metal so it will never really rust out.

Am I worrying too much about this? I am predrilling the u-channel over a paper bag so most of the tailings/fines are falling in there. I then tap on the uchannel to get as much out as I can. Sweep the floor and carefully throw away the paper bags I ripped up and put on the floor to catch what hit the floor. Then I use tek screws to secure the channel to the 2x8 baseboards.

I like the idea of the u-channel, just really hate the idea of drilling and cutting aluminum. If they made wood u-channel I would have just bought that. Cut wood, dust goes into yard and is decomposed a few months later.

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You can cut aluminum with a power miter saw or on a table saw . I would use a fine tooth (60-80 tooth) carbide blade for the cleanest cut . If these methods sound too dangerous they could also be cut with a hacksaw with a fairly course blade . Aluminum will clog up a fine tooth hacksaw blade. I have cut a good bit of aluminum on tablesaws and power miter saws with no problem . It could be done with a circular saw but , I would try and clamp the piece down before attempting the cut . Always wear safety glasses when cutting metal and the burrs that are created by cutting should be removed with a file before putting the piece into service . Is it possible to do the cutting in a garage or driveway and the just sweep up the chips ?

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gardenmom(z4 WA)

We used fencing pliers to cut it.

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kudzu9(Zone 8a - PNW)

A 4-1/2" hand held grinder will cut through this stuff easily.

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i use a cordless reciprocating saw. if i didn't have one i would use a hack saw.

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