DIY Exhaust Shutter

brandond(6)March 3, 2009

I decided that the exhaust fan and shutters were too expensive for my greenhouse. Actually I have overdone my budget of spending on my house and dont have the funds to get or spend 300 bucks on a fan and automatic intake shutters. I decide to use a 3 speed fan for my exhaust. I needed to protect it from the elements though. I built a 10x13 wood framed shutter box out of the cedar siding that I used on my build. It works well. They are basically two flaps. They open on out pressure and then drop down when the fan kicks off. I doubt that they will seal up as well as the expensive shutters but here in zone 6 I should be ok. Im learning its much more important to cool during these bright days. I had a day a few weeks ago where temps got to 100 degrees in there.

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There are many less expensive options than buying new exhaust fans and shutters. I have not purchased a new fan or louver for any of my three greenhouses but I keep my eyes open for deals,usually at farm auctions, for deals a a fraction of the new price.

There are a few tips on what you should look for when purchasing used fans. First a functional louver is important. If it is bent or sticks it will be a headache to correct. When looking for a fan I prefer one with a pulley and belt and look for a motor mount that is common to replace. Motors are more easy to find and replace this way and your fan housing will usually outlast anything else.

You can get by without an intake louver if your greenhouse isn't very tight or you you physically open a door or window at an opposing end of your greenhouse prior to turning on the fan. Motorized louvers on a thermostat sure simplify things in your absense. I'm wiring in some extra fans and another louver this spring and I find that the wire and fixture costs can be substantial too. Plan your wiring to add more extras over time(circulation fans, lights, outlets).

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I use gable fans and shutters from Home Depot, lot cheaper been working 7 years now. You can add like 1/4 inch rabbit wire over the opening to keep fingers out if located low in the greenhouse.

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