HFGH - Warranty?

Julia NY(6)March 21, 2010

I viewed the HF website and it doesn't appear from the limited information they posted, offer any warranty of the panels or framing. Am I correct in that they do not warranty any of the materials?



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Back in May 2008, when I first started to see sporadic reports of some panel problems on this forum, I contacted Harbor Freight to see if they would acknowledge the existence of a problem. In part of that email, their customer service person wrote:
"Unfortunately our warranty on the parts for this item is only 90 days and we take case by case in determining how we replace the panels for each customer. We know that the panels last longer than that but from a company stand point that is the warranty."

I don't see any statement of warranty on my Harbor Freight Greenhouse manual, so my guess would be, they don't offer a written warranty (probably part of the reason the cost of the kit is so low, compared to other kits of comparable size.)

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Julia NY(6)

I guess I'll keep looking at other ones to consider.
Reading all the posts with the problems and construction redos makes no sense to me $$ wise as your just going to spend additional $$'s to fix the problems.

Thanks for confirming about the warranty.


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You're very welcome. I've had mine almost three years now, and I'm really happy with it, although some of my panels have yellowed a bit. The materials for modifications for strength recommended by many folks here (myself included!) are really pretty cheap; it's mainly a bit of extra time and effort that are required, and not big $$ for those changes.

Replacing panels is another thing, though, as that can get pricey. Many folks seem to have no problems with their panels, but others have reported problems here. Climate and the use of shadecloth seems to play a role, and there may be some sporadic manufacturing glitches. Even if I have to buy some replacement panels, I think my HFGH will still cost me less than other 10x12 kits out there; it's been a great way for me to venture into the world of greenhousing, since I was worried about investing a lot of money in a hobby that was new to me.

That said, I think the HFGH does require some extra effort and problem-solving, and it's best not to depend on HF for outstanding customer service in the event of a problem. The best thing is to keep weighing the pros and cons, as you are, and reading and posting here (this is a great forum.)

Building our 10x12 Harbor Freight Greenhouse

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