4x8' tempered glass

tracerracer(z7OR)March 12, 2009

I was lookin' for some old windows to top my cold frame, 8x4'3", (hair-brained idea has to wait a while), talked to a merchant in another close by town and he said that he wold cut me a deal on 4 4x8' sheets of 1/4" tempered glass ($50) he had. I said sure (although I only need 1, cheaper than the plexiglass i looked @ ) Turns out he had 5 not 4 (so my deal was better than it started, I did call and confess there were more pieces, he was just happy they were gone) Here's my REALLY stupid question:

I had in my head that I would @ some point use double pane windows for the insulation value, to build the GH I really want, Do I need to look for some covering to insulate these when the time comes that we put a real GH together?

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kudzu9(Zone 8a - PNW)

Double pane is always better than single pane for winter heating. Since I am in a slightly milder climate than you (Zone 8) and only keep my greenhouse at about 38F in the winter, I went with single pane glass.

Any way, congratulations on the great deal you got. If you use these panes for that future greenhouse, you can easily improve the R-value by applying bubble wrap to them in winter. A lot of people just order big rolls of the stuff online from a packaging materials web site, because it's usually a lot cheaper than buying the same type of material from a greenhouse supplies store. You simply cut it to size and use a soapy solution, a temporary spray adhesive, or clips to hold it in place. You can then pull it off and store it in the summer.

(One other thing...I assume you know that tempered glass cannot be re-cut?)

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(I worked in a glass shop for 4yrs, but, thanks for the reminder, you sounded just like me...lol) I was thinkin' that I'd need something like bubble wrap, just wanted someone that is more experienced that I (and maybe less dangerous)...........It will become a GH at some point, but SB starts Monday, so free time (read that as extra time) is in short supply until June...........My DH is starting to plan it tho, it's kinda sounding like a taj mahal, of course he then blames me (as in 'well, Tracy had to have the Taj Mahal of chicken coops'.(his plan lol)...) Thanks again.............T

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