Spring cleanup musings...

sunnysideuphill(5)April 28, 2011

The heavy snow cover broke quite a few canes in my two year old garden. MOst of the roses were bands in 2009, with appropriately thin canes, but the two ancient giant Therese Bugnets that I successfully moved also suffered. And the row of older roses against the trellis under the deck really took a beating.

I complained last year about the lax habit of gallica Allegra, and I think it saved her, because all the canes were lying flat, and none were broken. Last year I had used a tripod for support, only about 24" tall, and it was inadequate. So yesterday I put in a green painted fleur de lis topped fan shaped thing, about 30" high, that I got at Ocean State Job Lot for $9. I set in above the rose, and tied the canes to it, pruning the longest canes so that the whole thing looks kind of espaliered. There were a half dozen smaller canes breaking from the base of the longer ones, so this has potential to be quite a sight when she blossoms.

The giant Alba and Polareis by the driveway suffered damage from the bucket loader when the massive snow banks had to be cut back; I'm going to tackle those this evening...

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And I've been complaining about the deer nibbling a few leaves! Thanks for the reminder that those who are brave enough to grow roses in zone 5 have other things to deal with!


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ingrid_vc(Z10 SoCal)

I was overcome with fatigue just reading about all the things that have to be done in a cold climate. I'm spoiled rotten! I vastly admire people like you who persist in having roses in spite of all that extra work that needs to be done to enjoy their beauty.


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The damage to Polareis was worse than I thought - what looked like dense overgrown middle was really many 2' - 3' canes, snapped from oldest canes at the base of the monster and dropped into the center as the loader scooped and dumped the snow. Now that P has broken dormancy and begun to leaf out, they were obvious. Obvious but really hard to get out. And while I was literally stuck in there, I also discovered many many canes that were leafing in a tuft, at the end of a 6' to 7'cane. Looking down low, about a foot from the crown, there are what looked like bud eyes. I whacked a lot of them down to that point. In the process, I was able to discriminate and remove some crossing canes. And then I pitched everything I cut off into the '86 Toyota shortbed, which was like last year overflowing, so did the tarp plus bungee cord thing and SLOWLY drove to the recycling center, like a giant blue marshmallow.
And I haven't even started on the Alba.....

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