gardennatlanta(z7atlantaGA)April 18, 2011

Which Noisettes are the most black spot resistant in the Southeast?

I'd also like to know of ones that are very remondant and have a strong fragrance.

Thank you very much. Jeff

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Oh my noisettes are my favorite of the rose classes! I want to add them all to my garden (well at least many more). Honestly for me they are so healthy and bs resistant that it is hard to pick any one or two, and all that I have are fragrant, some pretty strong and I can't hardly smell other classes of roses but all my noisettes I can smell strongly. Here are the ones I grow and I will try to put them in order from my favorites with pictures as those always help me...

#1 Lamarque- Beautiful crisp white blooms that have a very lovely clean shape, very healthy green apple colored foliage, to my nose a strong lemony scent, mannerly but strong climber.

#2 The Charlestonian- Very vigerous climber. This rose has the typical cluster blooms of noisettes that are a very pale pink that turn more white in the sun, scent is amazing and wafts on the breeze! Love this rose and don't see many people mention it which is sad as she is a must for noisette growers. Oh ya also very healthy with very little bs.

close up of the flowers

#3 Blush Noisette- Another that flowers in large sprays, very very strong scent again that wafts on the breeze (everyone who walks into my yard asks me what that delicious smell is and I walk them over and one sniff and they are in heaven), very healthy but one thing I am not too keen on is she holds her spent blooms far too long and I prune the sprays after blooming to keep it neat and tidy but trust me this one little thing is no reason not to get her. She is also a pale pink.

close up since picture is hard to see the flower form

#4 Alister Stella Gray- mine is still young but I love this rose, I don't know if I have ever seen any bs on her (this is her second year), love the color or her blooms an apricot color that fades to a pale yellow as the bloom ages, strong scent as well that I love (that's why I chose this rose to climb along my chicken run ;))She's only a little more than a year old but she really puts on a show for me all year. I think I want another of her for my hopefully soon to be built arbor. (I don't have a picture of her right now)
#5 MAC- This poor rose is 3 years old and I had her planted under a tree to climb it but for three years it didn't do much but throw up 2 very long canes. I moved it this year and saw two reasons why I believe she was not happy 1 was planted under a thick tree root (don't know how I missed seeing that) 2 I think she was attacked by voles. I dug her up and moved her along the chicken run as well and she is doing very well new growth and quite a number of buds and a few blooms. I'm so glad I rescued her in time from certain death. (have a pic of her somewhere but don't know where)

Those are all the noisettes I grow but like I said I would love more. Hope that helps and look forward to which noisettes other on here have to say. ~Meghan

Here is a link that might be useful: hennypenyrosecottage

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I can confirm both Lamarque and ALister Stella Gray do well here, are very healthy AND fragrant. I love the fragrance of Reve d'Or and plan to try it as well.

I also have Natchitoches Noisette, she's young yet but healthy and seems vigorous. I just love the way she carries the sprays up above the foliage; we're coastal here so there's always a breeze. Very pretty effect, her waving her blooms at me!

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buford(7 NE GA)

Reve d'Or is the cleanest rose in my yard (and that is saying something). I haven't detected a scent yet, but I haven't really tried sniffing the blooms. It is a climber and can take over a structure, so if you want it compact, you will have to prune it regularly.

Crepescule is also disease resistant. It tends to be a heavy spring bloomer, but it could be the spot I have it in gets too much shade after early spring and that's why it doesn't bloom as much.

I also have blush noisette, but I haven't planted it in a spot yet, it's still in a pot.

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buford(7 NE GA)

Mom, those pictures from Charleston were stunning! I have to go there, sigh.....I suppose April is a good time to go. I can't identify any of those roses but I love them and the foxgloves! I have a bunch of foxgloves but they haven't opened up yet.

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If you don't have blush noisette...I would start there. :o)

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I've tried Blush Noisette, Nastarana, Mrs. Woods Lavender Pink, and Aimee Vibert.

My favorite for looks is Aimee Vibert--pure white blooms with the most beautiful form, but only a light floral scent.

My favorite for sniffing is Blush Noisette. I prefer the clove scent.

If Aimee Vibert smelled like Blush Noisette, that would be the ultimate rose for me. (I'm never satisfied.)

As far as disease, everything blackspots here, but my plants were/are very young, so they'll probably become more resistant as they grow up.

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Thanks Buford, yes you really should make a trip to see it. If you do come, venture out past the main tourist areas down all the side streets. Not that the other areas aren't beautiful but there is so much to see that so many miss because they hang out just around King and Meeting street where all the shops are. Put your walking shoes on and do some walking, you will also find some of the best restaraunts. Yes spring is the best time as you know from living in the south the humidity is not very enjoyable to be walking around downtown in! ~Meghan

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ingrid_vc so. CA zone 9

Meghan, loved your pictures and your detailed explanations of the roses. You have me wishing I had room for lots more noisettes.

Ronda, that picture has everything! Not only is your Blush Noisette unbelievably gorgeous but your doggie has again put me on cuteness overload. I want him/her on my lap!


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buford(7 NE GA)

Rhonda, OMG, I have a baby blush noisette in a pot and had a spot in mind, but now, seeing yours, will have to seriously rethink!!! She could need a bed all her own.

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We call our Crepuscule "Audrey" (from Little Shop of Horrors).

This is the second flush last year in June, so we get decent rebloom. She is now 10ft tall and starting her spring flush and I will get a shot in a week or so ...

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Does anyone have Old Gray Cemetery? Since we are talking noisettes I would like to know about this rose myself. I am thinking of adding it myself. ~Meghan

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karenforroses(z5 NorthernMI)

Meghan, we got back a few weeks ago from our annual trip to Charleston and you are so right - the best thing is to walk the back streets of the historic areas. The pocket gardens are so lovely. This year the roses were all in bloom a little earlier than usual. The Noisettes and Lady Banks were everywhere. Sigh! We still have snow here. By the way, we also love your Summerville - what a beautiful flower-filled town!

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Everyone, Thanks for your wonderful replies. You've introduced me to some great looking roses. I should have mentioned in my original post that I have Blush Noisette, MAC and Champney's Pink Cluster already.

mom: Thanks for the great pictures. I love them. You're right. I've heard very little about the Charlestonia. Yours is beautiful. I'll have to keep my eyes open for that one.

Rhonda, Your Blush Noisette is amazing. Mine is going to need more room than I gave it. I had seen it in an old cemetary in Charleston where it looked very old but not so big. I guess neglect had taken its toil not that the bush doesn't get that large. For now, it will have to stay where it is and get moved in the fall, maybe.

notraffic, You're Crepuscle is beautiful. Atlanta Botanical Gardens has a nice one of her, too. Thanks for sharing your picture of Audrey. You made me laugh.

I ended up getting Alister Stella Gray. I saw it this week in a local garden and was stunned. I quickly added it to an order I had placed with Long Ago Roses. I'll be getting it (and a few others) next week!

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Jeff, You made a great choice!! You won't be disappointed! Maybe this fall you can get your hands on The Charlestonian. ;)

Karen, Glad you had a wonderful stay here in Charleston! Did you stay in Summerville? I love it here (I live on the historic side of Summerville, which is where the people from Charleston back in the 1700's 1800's would come and stay in the summer to get away from the mosquitoes (malaria) because of the pine trees which was also known as a healing place for the lungs. Not nearly as many pines as there used to be. Just thought I would throw that tid bit of info out there. lol Your right too, the roses have bloomed early this year thanks to a very spring like Feb.!

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aimeekitty(9-10, SW 18)

just be careful with Aimee Vibert! There is a non-reblooming climbing sport (if I remember correctly) of her, too, and many nurseries list them as the same. So make sure you ask for the reblooming one (if that's what you want).

I'm from Charleston originally, I agree, it's such a lovely town! If you want to see something really neat and have the time, go see Old Sheldon Church Ruins in Beaufort, it's really awesome, at least I think so. It's the shell of an old church with old trees hanging around it, basically out in the forest. Easy to get to but a little bit of a drive (you can google it to see some photos).

I also like Botany Bay's beach with old bleached out wood, that's pretty awesome.

In general, if you can get tours of some of the churchs, they're pretty rad. Beautiful old cemeteries, too. There are also garden-tour walks of some of the old homes downtown and ghost tours, too! Very fun! 2 Meeting Street is perhaps my favorite house. It's on the Battery and is just so romantic. It's an inn and you can stay there, actually.

And I really like Middleton Plantation. If you can hit it when the wisteria or azaleas are blooming it's ridiculously gorgeous.

And if you want some really good shrimp and hushpuppies for a reasonable price, try Gilligan's. :) For good BBQ, I really like Sticky Fingers (there's one downtown, but also some in Mount Pleasant, etc...) and get a Chick Fil'A while you're there if you don't have those in your hometown! :D

I miss Charleston, but not the mosquitoes. ;)

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I know this has nothing to do with noisettes (ah unless you count that they are from Charleston)so I hope you don't mind but since Jeff made his choice I thought I would just piggyback on what Aimee said for future visitors...if you are interested in seeing some pictures from Charleston I have a bunch on my blog

I have to say I disagree though Amiee in the bbq area (though Sticky Fingers is good mind you)unless you don't like southern style as it's a sweeter mustard base (and mmm mmm good!) but Bessingers, Maurices, and Melvin's (they are all related) serves true South Carolina BBQ and is the best there is imho anyway. ;O) Chick Fil A there waffle fries oh my! I feel for ya if you don't have one of those! lol

Middleton is a beautiful plantation and yes it is full of azaleas a sight to behold at its peak it truly is, but my favorite plantation that we get memberships to every year is Magnolia just the next plantaion over. Middleton is very formal and beautiful and does have a small barn/stable area that kids would love they also let the cows and sheep graze on the green (careful though I was charged by a cow when I was 8 months pregnant!). But Magnolia has so much more, formal gardens and informal gardens that wind around beautiful ponds and old rice patties, miles of paved trails for walking or bike riding through the woods, around the Ashley River and old rice fields full of gators, boat tours, tram tours, a house though not original (it was destroyed in the civil war), a very large Audubon Swamp garden too that is very quiet and beautiful to walk and a huge petting zoo area that kids would love. They also boast I think the largest collection or at least have some of the oldest Camellias in the south. If you can try to visit both if you ever get a chance to visit Charleston and give yourself a whole day.

Actually, it's the flying teeth as we call them that drive you out of your gourd down that way! I would love to live closer but flying teeth no thank you!

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aimeekitty(9-10, SW 18)

Yeah Magnolia is very lovely too! I just have a particular love of those grass terraces looking out on to the marsh/river water at Middleton, and the still rice pools reflecting whatever is above them (azaleas if you're lucky! and I don't even like azaleas that much!) We used to go out there in a small boat and eat brownies and look at Middleton from the other side. :)

I really like sweet southern mustard bbq. My mom likes Bessingers the best. :)

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karenforroses(z5 NorthernMI)

Meghan, we have stayed at a lovely old bed and breakfast in Summerville - a town we always like to visit with we're in Charleston. We usually stay at the Inn at Middleton Place, though, because we love walking the gardens early in the morning and in the evening when they are closed to day visitors. Amazingly peaceful and beautiful - sometime we have the whole place to ourselves. We love Magnolia Plantation too - it is more of a floral pleasure garden while Middleton is more of a formal landscaped garden -both amazing in their own special way.

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