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berry-nut(4b-SouthWestWI)March 15, 2010

Hi All,

I have a line on a Polytex garden mart 21 x 30 that's about 10 years old. It's in good shape, no rust, new plastic last year and it comes with all of the shelving. It also has slide sides (polycarbonate). I want it for a small greenhouse. I'm asking "what is it worth". Any answers would be appreciated.



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It would sell new for about 4400.00 to 6400.00 plus freight depending on which bench setup it has. Unless it has wind damage or something I would say it's worth whatever you feel it is. We have some that are at least 15 years old and have been put up and down every year. I would probably consider the slides as not usable just in case they are rough shape. Parts are easy and quick from Polytex. These are not really made as growing houses, but with some mods they could make a decent one, like inflated roof and maybe better sealing on sides etc.

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Thanks for the reply randallpink,
I did know what they worth new, just trying to get an idea of what a reasonable offer would be for a used one in good shape. Money is hard to come by. It looks fairly easy to modify into a greenhouse. If I can get a deal on it. Just asking for objective opinions since I have been looking for over a year, and my desire is reaching a fever pitch, I just wanted to make a fair offer for this bid.

Thanks again

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