Help me find a climbing rose for foundation

lovemysheltie(5/6 Chicago)April 26, 2011

Hello. This is a picture of the foundation of my house- that's the bottom of a bow window you see. It is right next to my front door. My house is bright white so I want to plant a non white or non light climber there. As it will be so close to the front door, window as well as the spigot, I want the rose to be thornless or as thorn-free as possible.

I was considering Zephirine Drouhin but she sounds like she'd be constantly BSed here in humid Chicago.

Whichever rose I plant :

How far from the foundation should it be planted?

Also, should I attach it by using a trellis?

Thanks in advance! (X-posting to Roses forum)

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I'm about to do what you intend, plant a climbing rose by my house where a door, window, and spigot are placed.

Yes, a trellis is needed for most climbing roses unless the rose you pick is like "Blossomtime" which can be grown as a self supporting plant.
I plant my climbing rosebushes c. 2 feet away from a trellis, and leaning a bit towards it.

Be sure and measure and then cut out a piece of the trellis, before you situate it in its place, so that you can easily get to the spigot.

You need a cold tolerant rose, and so I suggest you look at the website because they give the zones in which each of their climbing roses can be grown.

Good luck,

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