Can you grow Jasmine in a greenhouse?

fruitpipApril 1, 2014

So, I've always had this idea to have an awesome rose/jasmine garden so i can harvest flowers and rosehips for tea and also because they smell wonderful. I live in Florida so this was very possible, but I just found land I'm in love with in Canada (zone 4a I think?)

I tried google searches and literally found nothing on if you can grow Jasmine in a greenhouse.. My Idea would be to have a small cabin and build a greenhouse on the south side of it, with doors you can open from the house so all the awesome flower smells can get in and so the house keeps the greenhouse a little warm since the weather is insanely cold in Canada (at least the city I want to live in, Miramichi in New Brunswick)..

Has anyone ever grown roses and or jasmine in a green house? How would it get pollinated? There's a purple jasmine plant outside of my house and it's literally ALWAYS covered in bees and butterflies.... I though I could possible just add butterflies to the greenhouse.. and have a magical butterfly garden but since I have cats I figured that might end in a massacre lol.

Thank you for your input! I only grow vegetables and have no experience with flowers :)

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sand_mueller(z 7a, oklahoma)

This is only the best out of four different jasmine in my gh (heated to 33 degrees)

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oh cool! You only heat it to 33?

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sand_mueller(z 7a, oklahoma)

Its a woodstove heated house, none to tight. The back part of the house is used window glass and it is leakier than the twin-wall front part If you scan back on this forum you can find some good photos of what I've done.

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You might want to post your questions on the Far North Gardening forum where most of the posters are from Canada.

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kudzu9(Zone 8a - PNW)

I've been growing a jasmine in a large pot in my greenhouse for years. In the winter I provide some minimal heat to my plants in there; the lowest the temp gets inside the GH is about 35F.

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Sandy, which jasmine is that beautiful plant you showed here? TkY.

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sand_mueller(z 7a, oklahoma)

I don't know. Have a Grand Duke, but its nothing like the vining jasmine in the photo. Have another shrub jasmine that is slender like the one in the photo.

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