How to attach a trellis to the top of a wall

spirit_levelApril 6, 2009


My garden is surrounded by a 7ft high victorian brick wall. I want to attach a 2/3ft trellis to the top of it for both added security and of course covering with lovely climbers!

I am wondering what the best method is to do this? Can I simply attach a baton to the top of the wall and screw the bottom of the trellis to that or will the trellis require support at the sides? - if so how do I attach posts to the top of the wall?

Should I even be attaching anything to the top of this fairly old wall? - might it cause damp problems or create stress which may damage the wall when the plant covered trellis is subjected to high winds etc?

Should I instead be looking at putting long posts into the ground along the wall and attaching the trellis to that?

I have about 80ft of wall to add trellis to and I have a very tight budget so I am really looking for the most cost effective option.

I would add that as long as the trellis is strong enough to support itself, I don't want it be much stronger than that as I want any would be thief to think twice about it collapsing if they try and climb over it!


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Since you say the wall is old I would not want to attach anything to it that will add weight and cause any cracking. A good sturdy trellis that can go into the ground might be bamboo. No would-be thief in his right mind would try to climb a bamboo trellis. On the other hand bamboo might not last very long in the ground. Steel T-Posts are fairly inexpensive and could be used for the side supports and bamboo could be used for cross-bars and make a sturdy trellis that will last for many years. Painted to match the color of the brick, the trellis would disappear as soon as the vines took hold. Cheryl

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Thanks for your suggestion Cheryl - I think I would prefer to sterr clear of bamboo and use a wooden trellis though.

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