Sophie's Perpetual Growth Habit?

kristimamaApril 1, 2012

Hi everyone,

I just ordered this rose. It looks beautiful.

But I'm a little confused on its size and growing habit.

HMF says it gets up to 6' to 8' tall and 4' to 6' wide.

Vintage calls it low and spreading.

So, how much room to give Sophie's Perpetual?

Some posts here describe her as a tiny rose, great for a container.

Jeri, I think, said it didn't tolerate growing in the ground, in fact.

Berndoodle, I think, said it can be propped up against a house in an older post (which for some reason won't post my question on that post).

Does "propping up" mean I could tie it to a small obelisk or trellis and treat it like a small climber?



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Campanula UK Z8

well, it takes a while but it can get quite tall....but that also translates as quite spreading too as it will sprawl around without any support. Essentially, like all chinas, it has a lot of thin twiggy growth and is very similar, in the UK, to mutabilis. That is, you can keep it really petite, or let it grow without any sort of pruning when it will gradually fill out, getting wider and taller. In other words, it is up to you,K'mama.
As for not being in the ground, well that is news to me - I have seen this rose growing at Lime Kiln Hill where it was planted by its rediscoverer, Humphrey Brooke and it certainly reached 8 feet tall against a wall although it was slender - maybe 4 feet wide. A beautiful rose and very healthy for me.

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jerijen(Zone 10)

Here near the Ventura Co Coast it had absolutely no will to live.

Planted in the ground, it died back.
Removed, and put in a large container, it made it to about 18 inches before having a severe case of the vapors, and proceeding to fade its way out of existence.

It did not mildew. It did not rust. It did not blackspot.
The blooms were exquisite.
It simply, over a protracted period of time, died.

I won't try again.


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aimeekitty(9-10, SW 18)

at least one of mine seems really healthy, but it hasn't grown a whole lot over the two years I've had it, it's pretty small. (I'm hoping it'll stay that way given the position I put it in...)

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wanttogarden(USDA 9b, Sunset 15, N. Calif.)

Mine is from Vintage and I had it since 2009 in this pot in part shade location. It is about 2.5' high and 4.5' wide. The original canes are on the right side of the pot and the newer ones are on the left side. The canes are stiff and self supporting. Usually the blooms are double pink/raspberry color, although right now I have many solid color single flowers. If you want repeat flowers, pinch the spent blooms, do not remove any wood.

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ingrid_vc(Z10 SoCal)

Mine was a band that I put into the ground immediately, and it's doing quite well. It does seem sprawly, with long canes, but it bloomed quite early on and is very healthy. It seems to like my warm, dry climate.


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