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Danny2014April 5, 2014

Hello. I've been researching my little idea and I just can't figure out if I can do this--maybe someone could tell me I can't or possibly point me in right direction? Here it is: I am trying to grow 3 young fruit trees (lemon, orange, tangerine), each in a cement planter. They've been in the ground a couple years, have grown some, have had blossoms. I think a lot is working against them: we live high (2200') off So Cal coast, get a lot of wind, no freezing but can get cold. What I'd like to do (ideally) is to have a solar powered grow light for each one. Solar because I don't have electrical to planters. And I am hoping that grow lights could run at night and just maybe give them the boost they need to get going. I see there are some very expensive (~$800) units that do this but $2400 is cost prohibitive. I see all kinds of solar pathway lights for less than $100 and I know that you need a certain light spectrum (red-green) to stimulate growth. Is there an easy and inexpensive way to do what I want? Thanks for any shared expertise or thoughts.

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX

My thought is that lack of light isn't likely the issue. In that area there is plenty of natural sunlight. So they are missing something else if not growing enough. Most likely it's a lack of water or fertility, mainly nitrogen. But it could also be a poor soil mix in the planter. Even at 2200ft it shouldn't be too cold but that's a possibility.

Think about what they might be missing other than some additional day length.

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ok, I can buy the idea of the soil because we have not done anything to the soil since loaded the planters with locally available soil. And, we have a vegetable garden close by (comparable environmental conditions) and most everything grows like crazy, majority of the soil is amended. So, purchased Vigoro Citrus & Avocado Plant Food 6-4-6 with Nitrogen leading. I'll try that. Thank you very much; I'll check in again in about two months.

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