repelling wasps

raforApril 19, 2012

I have wasps or yellow jackets flying around up near the roof in my greenhouse/glasshouse.

Anyone have any good ideas for wasp repellants? I don't want to spray that foam stuff at them as it just falls to the floor. Is there such a thing as those fly things that were around years ago to clear a room of flies that work against wasps and yellow jackets?

All I can seem to find are products that attract them and trap them. I don't really want to attract them!

TIA for any help.

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You don't have to spray. You can make a wasp trap. First though check around the greenhouse for a nest. If you get rid of the nest you'll get rid of the wasps.

To build a trap. Cut the top of a pop bottle just after where it flares out. Smear some jam on the spout and fill the bottle half full of water with a few drops of dish soap to break the surface of the water. Invert it into the bottle like a funnel and put a couple of strips of tape to hold the funnel onto the bottle and put it in your greenhouse.

The wasps will fly in after the jam and fall into the water and drown. Check the trap every day and empty out any dead wasps so others can't use the dead bodies as a launching pad

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I've had excellent luck just using a 'fake wasp's nest' hanging in the front of my greenhouse so that it can be 'seen' from outside. For two years now, after making sure that there weren't any REAL wasp's nests getting started in a hidden corner inside my greenhouse, hanging up the 'fake wasp's nest' has kept my greenhouse 100% wasp free !!!

Here is a link that might be useful: Fake Wasp's Nest

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