How to position a greenhouse

tmc2009April 24, 2011

What is the best way to orient a greenhouse. Should it have its ends facing North and South so as the sun rises it shines on the longest section and then when it sets it shines on the opposite side. Or should the ends be positioned east and west. I guess with the 10X12 HFGH its close to a square so it doesn't matter but what if its longer than it is wide? I'm in Massachusetts so do I want to limit the amount of northern exposure area?

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At your latitude, approx. 42 deg., and the size and dimensions of your greenhouse,the orientation is not particularily important. Large, long, structures located between 25 deg and 40 deg. N are generally placed N/S, while those above 50 deg N are generally oriented E/W. It all has to do with shading produced by the structural supports.

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