Greenhouse almost there More pics

tominnh(5 NH)April 27, 2009

The roof goes on...

Next step will be the door, ridge lights, ceiling fan, insulation, and sealing the base walls...

More pics to come and thank you to all that have shared pics and information to aid in this process!

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WOW That really looks great. Love the highth of it. Can't wait to see you get plants in there.

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krayers(7 NW Tenn)

It's looking great. You're gonna love it!!! I'm in the process of emptying mine out for the summer & cleaning it up. The height is really wonderful. You can get a lot of stuff in there.


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I am new here so don't know all the rules. I will just ask. Do you have any plans for this greenhouse? It looks like just what I want to build. What is the glazing? I can't tell form the pictures. Looks like Polycarbonate? Is the aluminum framing standard off the shelf and where can you get it? I like the idea of putting up off the ground on stem walls. What is the total height to the eave and to the ridge? Thank you for any answers you can give me.

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tominnh(5 NH)

Hello Panhead ;)

The greenhouse is a Cape Cod 10X12 from
It's on a 30 inch kneewall which will be insulated and sealed. There are some older posts here that show the progress. The ridge is about 13.5' from the floor so it is very tall. Tomorrow we sill have lighting and a ceiling fan put in at the ridge. The fan will be on reverse for the summer to push the hot air out the roof vents.

The covering is twinwall polycarbonate. I thought about the 5 wall but that would have broken the bank !

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thinman(Z5 MI)

Nice looking greenhouse! The gentleman standing on the planks on the tops of the ladders is very ... uh ... let's say brave. Gulp.


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tominnh(5 NH)

Ah yea I arrived home to check the progress and the very ah, "Brave" man was supposed to be on scaffolding (Not these ladders). Thank God no one was hurt and the greenhouse construction is completed other than for some finishing items. More pics will come this weekend. I again have to say the BC Greenhouses, Chris (Christine) and Greg have been wonderful to work with. A refreshing customer sevice experience that is rare these days !

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What kind of plants will you be growing in your new GH?

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stressbaby(z6 MO)

Tom, one word of advice with a GH that will want some way of getting up to the highest parts of the GH occasionally, whether it is for maintenance, repairs, cleaning, or cutting back some monster-sized plant. Consider that when you plan your layout. Maybe an aisle down the middle for a ladder. Maybe two spots down the middle for two ladders and a board between (like the pics). Maybe two aisles down the sides and boards stretched crossways. Anyway, you get the idea. There will be a time when you will want to get up there and if the thing is full of plants and beds that you cannot move, it gets tricky. I speak from experience.

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kudzu9(Zone 8a - PNW)

It looks fantastic! And I'm glad you're still alive to post about it: that first picture shows some of the iffiest ladder technique I've seen in a while. Please get yourself a taller ladder.

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tominnh(5 NH)

We will be growing salad greens in the winter and other cooler crops. Hoping to be able to keep some orchids and other tropicals growing maybe with bottom heat. I meet with the gas company tomorrow to arrange for the heat to be installed. The is not me on the ladder! I may invest in some scaffolding.

Entrance fixed

Benches on either side of the center aisle

I hope to revive some plants from a long winter in the house.

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krayers(7 NW Tenn)

It turned out great. BC is wonderful to work with. Your's seems to have gone together very quickly. Do keep open space in your center asile for a ladder. We use one frequently to reach the purlins for hanging plants and to switch our ceiling fan directions. Enjoy!!


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C Schaffner

Now, that is a nice greenhouse. I love the idea with the orchids.

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tominnh(5 NH)

I thought that the more that we can hang from the roof the better. It also will give shade below to those plants needing less sun.

The heater went in yesterday and now we need to connect the venting and gas line.

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buyorsell888(Zone 8 Portland OR)


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