Greenhouse exhaust fan

barbrich54(SC)April 6, 2010

Hi All,

My husband and I have just about finished our 12X12 greenhouse and I need to know how high to install the exhaust fan. The walls are 8 ft high, and the center pitch is around 10 ft high. Could the fan go in the 7-8 ft section or does it need to go as high as we can get it. Also, does it matter if it is on the South side (front) or the North side (back) blowing air out? Thanks for any help.

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It may depend on the location of make-up air to create a more even flow.
In general, it may not be very critical. You may try to make some smoke inside and see how the air current flows.


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I'm still learning.

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My benches are 3 foot off the ground and my exhaust is right above the bench. my intake is at the same level at the other side of the greenhouse. I have the exhaust fan on a thermostat and a motorized damper on the intake. When the temp rises the fan kicks on and the damper opens automaticly. What i also do is have two circulating fans up high to get the hot air off the peak and aim downward.

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