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marullo1947April 12, 2010

I just built a small 8 by 8 cedar greenhouse. bought an oil filled radiant heater which I plan to place on the floor with a few foundation type stones around it(not too close but close enough to absorb some heat). I figured that the heat absorbed by the stone would slowly release through a cold evening. (isn't that how they heated a bed a couple hundred years ago...hot bricks?)

anyone tried this or think I'm nuts?

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I don't think putting the stone near you heater won't do much to heat it at night and it might make your greenhouse too hot in the daytime. Putting stones or bricks where they will absorb the suns heat during the day will. I watched a show where they had their greenhouse attached to their stone house and they said they didn't have to heat much because the stone absorbed heat in the daytime and released it at night.

Cement slabs or stone on the floor will help. This is my opinion. Others may say different

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This thread is useless without pics. Post pics of your cedar greenhouse. Did you build it from your own plans, from a kit, or with purchased plans? I built a greenhouse with a stone foundation and a stone floor b/c (1) I love stone and (2) I thought the stone would radiate heat at night. I have no way of knowing how much of this is going on. I thought that having a big water container painted black was the best way to create a heat bank.

Here is the foundation and floor before I built the rest of the greenhouse:

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If you want to heat it when its cold then fire up the stove at night-if you don't want to overheat it then shut stove off in daytime.
The stone or water barels moderate temperature, they can't majicly produce heat. I have a large (huge actually) stone wall behing my woodstove and it does warm through the night when a fire is last stoked with wood at about 9PM. The room would be chilled withing 3 hours without that stone absorbing surplus heat.

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@ Sethky

I was curious if you had any other photos of your greenhouse finished. i am doing a proposal for our community garden and want to use a stone foundation...would love to see the finished product. Cheers from Canada!!

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