Your Centifolias, Damasks, Mosses, Albas, and Gallicas

Tessiess, SoCal Inland, 9b, 1272' elevApril 14, 2014

These are the first blooms of 2014 on my centifolia Paul Ricault. It looks as if this year he will have lots of flowers! Must have liked the hot, dry year (more than I did).;)


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Tessiess, SoCal Inland, 9b, 1272' elev

Another view of Paul Ricault. This time blooming in my plum tree which is only starting to leaf out. He has to grow up out of the Cl. Cecile Brunner jungle if he wants to get any light. For me, PR has been a healthy and reliable rose for many years.


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Beautiful old rose! Just perfect. In your warmish climate, do other centifolias, damasks, etc. grow well in your garden? Do you have photos? :-) Carol

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Tessiess, SoCal Inland, 9b, 1272' elev

Oh yes, the old roses grow and flower beautifully here. Very easy and low maintenance. My favorite rose of all in my garden in fact is the alba Felicite Parmentier. It's a bit early for her flowers this year however. She is leafing out and has buds, but I don't think the flowers will be open until late this month or early next month. I do have past years' flowers of her up on HMF. My gallicas aren't blooming yet, but Jenny Duval is leafed out and has lots of buds. Kraskoje Kawaskole is only partially leafed out. It's a new one for me, in the last couple years or so (own root, Eurodesert via Heirloom), and I don't remember when it started blooming last year. Later than Jenny D. though. Aimable Rouge is from Pickering and has barely started to wake up. My huge damask York and Lancaster always put on a spectacular show. No need to check for buds, when this roses' flowers open the whole garden is enveloped in heady perfume. Who cares if it only blooms once a year, that scent is divine. Madame William Paul is a lovely moss I've had for decades. Reliable bloomer (but only once) in partial shade. Extremely fragrant. Just beginning to flower now. I added another alba this year, Madame Plantier from Pickering and plan on getting more damasks, albas, and gallicas next year, but which ones........ I also want more eglantines, species, and rugosas, but I am running out of space. Ye olde pot ghetto is embarassingly large as it is.

Below is the first flower of the year on the moss Rene d'Anjou. Complete with resident spider! From PIckering and grafted on multiflora. RdA repeats very well and smells heavenly (as does Paul Ricault, minus the repeat).


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Tessiess, SoCal Inland, 9b, 1272' elev

The damask moss Quatre Saisons Blanc Mousseux below with its first flower not only of this year but the first one I've gotten to see open ever. I bought this rose from Pickering about 2 years ago, and it has gotten plenty of buds, but every time when they are about to open something comes along and chomps them clean off, maddening! I was ready to go on the warpath if it happened again this year, so when I saw a flower actually open I decided to take a picture quickly. We'll see if the poaching varmint tries again this year--I now have a Jack Russell in residence, haha!


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What a wonderful collection! Yes, I'd say OGRs grow quite well in your climate. Thank you for posting the Quatre Saisons Blanc photo! The flower is exquisite and the rose is not a common one, even in photos. Squirrels attacked one of my roses in the enfuriating manner you described. Cute little fluffy tailed rodents from heck. My ancient Samoyed is no Jack Russell. Your Rene d'Anjou is delicious, even on an iPad screen. I'm definitely going to research that one as a possibility in my garden. I, too, adore Felicite Parmentier. I suspect your plant is jaw-dropping gorgeous. I have a small Madame Plantier and a Semi Plena in addition to Felicite, and I ordered Great Maiden's Blush and Blush Hip from Pickering. Please post a photo of York and Lancaster when it blooms. Wish I could detect its fragrance over the internet. I truly appreciate your sharing more details re your roses. I could so garden next door to you and borrow your landscape to extend my view!


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ingrid_vc(Z10 SoCal)

Melissa, I'm amazed that you can grow these beautiful old garden roses; I thought we didn't have enough of a chill factor here for them to thrive. Do you live at a higher elevation? I tried growing the moss Alfred de Dalmas with little success. Your Rene d'Anjou is particularly gorgeous.


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Sow_what? Southern California Inland

Melissa, thanks for sharing your beautiful roses. This is amazing -- every rosarian I've spoken to in our area says the OGRs don't grow well here. Are you doing something special, or do you have microclimates that are more conducive to growing these lovely roses?


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musaboru(Inland Calif.)

Those are gorgeous Melissa. I have Rose de Rescht and Pickering's Four Season Rose about to open. Will be posting pics when the flowers open up in a few days.
I was surprised to see RdR pushing up a sucker in just two years from a band size plant. The two varieties are afflicted in late summer with the so-called damask crud but those disfigured leaves are eventually hidden by newer ones in spring. They seem to grow just fine in the Pomona/Ontario area where I live, but just not as floriferous as HTs everyone else has in their front yards. I guess their seasonal flowering is part of their charm....

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musaboru(Inland Calif.)

Rose de Rescht opened!

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I LOVE Rose de Rescht! Carol

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ffff(Calif. 9)

This has been a very strange year for me. Drought, followed by rains that didn't really start until March, has led to some odd blooming patterns. The Portlands and Damask Perpetuals are virtually all in bloom, some for over a month now. Gallicas have barely woken up yet, they were waiting for cold weather that never came.

Blooming today:
-Damask Perpetuals/Portlands-
Autumn Damask
Pickering Four Seasons
Duchesse de Rohan
Rose de Rescht
St Nicholas
Rose de Roi of commerce


Gaspard Monge
Rose des Peintres


Not yet blooming
D Botzaris
D Celsiana
D Mme Hardy
D Petite Lisette
DP Duchess of Portland
DP Leda
M Communis
M Crested Moss
M Henri Martin
M Rene d'Anjou
C Fantin-Latour
A Alba suaveolens
A Celestial
A Felicite Parmentier
A Great Maiden's Blush
A Mme Plantier
G Agatha Incarnata
G Aimable Rouge
G Alika
G Complicata
G James Mason
G Tuscany Superb
G Umbra

I'm a lousy photographer, so will leave it to one pic of Gaspard Monge.

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