Hoop House cooling, Advice wanted

berry-nut(4b-SouthWestWI)May 5, 2010

Hi All,

This is our first year with a hoop house. It's 21x66 with clear poly, we would like to grow tomatoes and peppers in it during the summer. In anticipation of summer heat I would like to know what other people do to keep temps acceptable. Do you use shade cloth, fans, swamp coolers? or just open the sides and ends. We usually have a week of 90's and mostly low 80's during summer.

Any help will be appreciated,


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Although shade cloth, fans, and evaporative cooling all can reduce greenhouse temperatures, there is one more option that may be less expensive: shading compound. These products are diluted and sprayed onto the roof. Different formulations have a few different properties depending on your situation.
The price per gallon may look expensive, but a "1:15 dilution provides 73% shading", so you would be using much less shading compound.

Here is a link that might be useful: shading compound

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you want max sunlight for those crops. open the doors on the ends and roll up the sides. irrigate.

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I agree . . . ventilation is more important than shading. You want maximum sunslight for tomato/pepper plants. We have roll-up sides on our greenhouses and large doors, rear & front we can open when needed. It's amazing how hot a greenhouse can get if not properly ventilated . . . not safe for plants or people!

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Thanks Everyone,

Just wasn't sure if we needed something more for cooling or not. Just trying to anticipate as many things ahead of time, I hate having to figure stuff out in a hurry.

Thanks again


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You must install a ventilation system like an exhaust fan to help cool down the temperature in your greenhouse or you can rely on the natural upward movement of hot air to exit from your hoop house through ridge or gutter vents.

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Maybe the guide I link to below might be help to you?
Also, have you thought about Aluminet reflective shade? From website "Its anti-oxidation coating helps to protect greenhouses like standard shade cloth, but also assists in keeping the greenhouse cool making it an excellent choice for commercial greenhouses, plant nurseries and garden centers. Aluminet is also commonly utilized as a frost protector for vegetable crops."

Here is link: Aluminet

Here is a link that might be useful: Cooling & Ventilation Buyer's Guide

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