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ykerzner(9 TX)May 17, 2010

Is there a place, besides for simple calculators, to find out how many fans I need to effectively cool my greenhouse, and where to put them? The greenhouse is 32' x 18'. It has a an ancient heater that doubles as a fan (installed into the roof), a second fan made for greenhouses and rated at something like 5000 cfm, and a third fan from walmart, maybe 500 cfm. I have plants all along one side of the greenhouse (with a side vent), so the 5000 CFM fan can't be placed on that side and instead blows down the middle. The other side is 12 feet tall and rather hard to cool. What say you, buy another good fan for the taller side (which is under a ridge vent), or invest in some more shade cloth?

Here is a link that might be useful: The greenhouse + fans

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This may help with at least some of your questions:

Effect of Air Exchange Rate on Greenhouse Temperature Rise

Air Exchange/-----Temp. Rise---------Inside Temp.
minute*-------------Above outside-------(Outside Temp.= 86 F)

2-----------------------4 F---------------------90 F
1-----------------------8 F---------------------94 F
0.5-------------------15 F-------------------101 F
0.25------------------25 F------------------111 F

* Greenhouse air volumes (length X width X height)
Example: One volume (30 ft. X 100 ft. X 10 ft.)
= 30,000 cubic feet

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