Have anyone glued greenhouse poly sheets?

mees135May 11, 2010

Good evening! Has anyone been successful with joining two sheets of greenhouse woven poly? Lots of places say the heat seam pieces together, but i've googled it and can't find out how to do this... the closest i've gotten was a 1960's popular science article where someone ironed the two sheets together. I'm going to try a sample piece and see if that works (with parchment paper above and below), but wanted to know if anyone out there had experience with this! Or, would poly tape hold up year after year and through winters?


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sfallen2002(z5 IA)

You could ask Bob from Northern greenhouse sales, he might be able to clue you in - and he sells a great woven poly product.

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Thanks - I just e-mailed him. Was actually looking at their site, since another gardener suggested their poly product and said it was terrific... thanks! if i find out, i'll post here for other folks

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tdscpa(z5 NWKS)

I do not think anything can glue polycarbonate. I've tried many glues that claim they work. None I've tried do.

Possibly, with woven materials, an engineer could come up with a product that could hold two components together. I have not found any Chemists that can in six years of looking.

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