Is this RRV?

organic_kitten(8)April 2, 2012

Until The post with the Ballerina, I thought all RRV had lots of thorns and twisting. And I thought this very large cane on my little Echo from Connie Hartwell's nursery was healthy growth.

If you need other or clorer pictures to say, please let me know. I have never seen anything but the pictures on this forum, so I don't know, and I would hate to destroy a healthy bush...but not as badly as I would hate to not destroy a sick one. thank you in advance for your help.


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Perfectly healthy looking growth :)

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anntn6b(z6b TN)

Agree that's OK.

I've had RRV on Tausendschoen (parent of or otherwise closely related to Echo) and it looks much worse with really contorted foliage and leaf margins different than
'good' leaves as well as overgrown stipules.

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Thank you so much!I was just sick when I saw Buford's post and realized that I had to look out for more than extreem thorniness and twisting...the extra large new cane could be a problem. I am such a newbie, and they did find the first case of RRV in Birmingham, (not far enough from here) on a Knock out rose.


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seil zone 6b MI

That's a nice healthy looking rose!

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michaelg(7a NC Mts)

Yes, people are often scared unnecessarily by an unusually strong basal shoot. Good thing you asked before pulling the trigger.

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dublinbay z6 (KS)

Just to clarify--are you referring the RMV or to RRD? Two different viruses. If it is RMV, I wouldn't worry about it. Half of America has been growing RMV roses for a number of decades now. On the other hand, if its RRD, that is something to worry about--like get rid of it immediately!

However, neither issue is relevant to your very healthy looking cane. Congratulations on it!


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I'm glad your Echo is growing so strongly ... you scared me there for a minute.


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