HFGH 10x12 Parts for sale

lilyblossom(7)May 4, 2010

I bought an entire new kit to pillage parts from to repair my 10x12 HFGH after the snow collapsed it. I have lots of parts left over mostly wall parts just longing to be used. I've seen lots of people looking for parts and we all know how hard it is to get them from Harbor freight. If your in need of a part contact me. Delivery is an option if close.

HereÂs what I have listed by just the part number, refer to the manual for the description.

Metal pieces

One - 1A

One - 2A

Two - 3

Two - 4

One - 5

One - 6

four - 7

Ten - 14

eight - 30

four - 31

four - 32

Four - 79

four - 80


One - 55

Three - 56

Two - 57

Fourteen - 58

Four - 60

Two - 62

Two - 63

Eight - 64

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You might get more responses from non-owners seeking parts for building smaller greenhouses and cold frames if you identified some major panel parts and studs by size, price and what state you live in.
I also considered buying another greenhouse for parts when the price dropped below the cost of just replacement panels from other greenhouse firms.

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