Have been out of the loop for the past 5 years --

mmmgonzo(z7 OR)April 2, 2012

I have not found a lot of joy out in my garden during the 5 years after my fathers sudden and unexpected passing. He used to stop and chat with me often when I was out working in the garden, and I missed those roadside chats so much I stopped spending time in my rose garden (which is quite sizable and out of control)

This year I am back- I am going to enjoy my roses again :)

During this time away, there have been many closures to my favorite online mail order rose nurseries.

Can someone provide me a quick list of online rose nurseries that delivery happy heathly plants now? I prefer old garden roses, Tea roses in particular and Austins and Paul Barden.

I placed an order from Rogue Valley Roses just the other day. I also know about ARE, Chamblees, and Heirloom Roses.

Vintage Gardens selection is very minimal, but from what I gather, they have been purchased by another group, so I assume this explains why. Are there any hopes their stock will increase over the next few years? They were my go to for the harder to find roses :)

thanks in advance :)


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Sorry to hear about your father's passing----but happy to hear you are now back to gardening----it is a good way to ease the pain in your heart.

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seil zone 6b MI

Hi Marleah! I'm glad you're enjoying your roses again. I'm sure your father would approve.

There have been several nurseries lost the past few years but there are still many good ones out there. I'm not sure which ones you know of already so my apologies if I mention some of them here. I don't know which of these specialize in OGRs but here's a list of some I know of.

Northland Rosarium
Roses Unlimited
Angel Gardens
Burlington Roses
Antique Rose Emporium
High Country Roses

I'm sure I've missed some so I hope others will chime in!

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mmmgonzo(z7 OR)

Thank you Zephy and Seil -

I will take a look at the nurseries you mentioned... I am sure this will keep me busy for a good while :)


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aimeekitty(9-10, SW 18)

I've somewhat recently ordered from:

Roses Unlimited
Rogue Valley Roses

Vintage hasn't actually been bought out... their large rose garden is now being taken care of by a nonprofit. A few months ago they said they'd have to close, but now it's looking like they might be able to continue to propagate and sell from the nonprofits rose garden, so I guess we'll see.

I still adore ARE and RVR.

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hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

Sorry to hear of your loss. It can take a long time to get over something like that. Welcome back!

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Welcome back, and remember your chats with your father as you work among your roses!

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