'Grandmother's Hat'

jerijen(Zone 10)April 3, 2012

We have talked and talked over the changeability of the Found Rose, "Grandmother's Hat." I thought y'all might like to see JUST how varied she can really be.

This is a group of photos of "Grandmother's Hat" herself, along with "NorthSide Pink" (Found, Mare Island, CA) and 'Tina Marie' (white or almost-white sport of GramHat, Vintage).

Nothing quite explains it like putting them all together:


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Thank you Jeri. Does Old Town Novato even enter the picture as possibly related? Comparing Northside Pink, does it have the same glandular texture to the flowering parts and new growth GH and her variants possess? Do those parts have the wonderful sweet-peppery-cedar scent GH and her clan do? All of these NEED to be grown together, with Gloire des Rosomanes and intensely studied. I KNOW they are related. I just haven't been able to unearth the documentation yet. Thank you! Kim

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Thanks so much, Jeri! I can't wait - my baby GH has one bloom about to open. And, when I pruned it last Fall I just stuck 3 cuttings in a pot right next to it, and put a plastic cloche over the pot (which the squirrels remove about once a week). Both of them rooted! That was the easiest rooting of cuttings I have ever done.


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jerijen(Zone 10)

Kim -- You're going to have to come over here again to check those fragrances. My nose -- too many years of allergies. You have the nose for it.

But they certainly seem to be the same rose in all but bloom color . . . Well, no. I think Northside Pink may have a lower petal count, but I've not really documented that. Gregg surely took it for the same rose, and so did Mel Hulse. I was the only one who got to see the collected plant grown out and blooming in an active garden, because I have the only remaining plant from the collection.

I think it's interesting.
Rarely, it has some paler blooms.
ONCE it produced a 'Larry Daniels' pale bloom.

Funny, funny roses, this family.


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